Dattatreya Holy Bath (Abishek)


Dattatreya Holy Bath (Abishek)

Dattatreya is the Divine Father energy, generating, operating, and destroying or removing what does not serve us. We utilize this sacred time to connect to him to receive his grace, protection and relief from suffering and negativity in our lives. We surrender to the Divine Father all that we need to release and let go of so we can be more fully transformed by the Divine Mother.

This process connects to the Divine Father in the form of Dattatreya and simultaneously connects to the Divine Mother. We celebrate their unity by opening our hearts to receive their blessings and purification from the negativity and suffering in our lives.

We use our eyes to receive the highest healing energy as we watch the water element in the form of water, milk, rosewater, and cream being poured over Dattatraya. We imagine that all obstacles and blocks are being washed away and we receive all we need. As the Datta is being dressed and decorated, imagine you are being dressed to go out into the world with your prayers answered.

Dattatreya carries the miraculous shakti of the Divine Mother. Miracles happen around him, as he is a manifestation of the nature and of creation. He dissolves soul negativity on the spot. When his divine grace is flowing, anything is possible. There is no trouble too big or too small for him to solve. Experience the Divine Father through Dattatreya in your life.

• Releases stuck energy and negative patterns
• Releases negative thinking
• Brings physical healing
• Heals from heartbreak
• Removes stress, negativity, and stuck energy
• Washes out depression and feelings of failure
• Strengthens willpower and mental clarity
• Solves problems
• Generates business success
• Supports spiritual growth
• Raises and maintains your soul’s vibration
• Brings happiness, health, and prosperity

While joining special Dattatreya holy baths (abisheks) by live broadcast, look at Datta’s eyes when the liquids are being poured. You will receive the most energy by having your eyes open and watching the combination of elements working together. Imagine that the milk and water are being poured over you, washing away any heart pain, illness, sadness, and removing obstacles. Positive vibrations radiate out to everyone watching Datta’s holy bath, reaching you wherever you are.

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