Ancient Knowledge


The ancient palm leaf knowledge was given millions of years ago by Mother Divine to the seven ancient sages, the saptarishis. The Divine Mother shared the secrets of the miracle energy and the direct methods to reach Her. The knowledge was passed down orally from master to student and written on palm leaves to preserve it. The manuscripts are primarily written in Sanskrit and Telugu. It is ancient soul medicine and a powerful remedy for the negativity of this age. The solutions contained in these palm leaves are simple and relevant today – herbal cures for disease, soul healing techniques for illness, addiction, depression, and heartbreak. There are remedies to help everyone now and into the future.

When we practice and implement the formulas in the palm leaf manuscripts, a deep soul process begins to unfold. We establish a permanent connection to the Divine Mother’s cosmic energy, the shakti. The shakti energy awakens our souls and begins a transformation. The Divine Mother empowers our soul with light and energy, purifying our chakras, and developing our soul’s capacity. We experience Her love and bliss, and the flow of wisdom. We begin to see the dazzling light within us and connect to the knowledge in our soul. The Divine Mother is leading us to enlightenment and preparing us as instruments of Her divine shakti. She wants us to have a joyful life and recognize who we really are. Then, in the state of sahaj samadhi, natural samadhi, be a channel of Her divine shakti. This is being a shaktidhut, a servant of the Divine Mother, as were all the ancient rishis. Both women and men develop their connection to the Divine Mother and become channels of Her shakti to help heal the world.

Ancient Soul Technology

The ancient rishis were soul scientists. The Divine Mother’s palm leaf manuscripts contain the mysteries of the soul, the mechanics of miracles and healing, how to develop the soul, how to tap the soul’s infinite knowledge, how to soul travel, how the soul can become the greatest healer, how to create divine children, how to have soul nurturing relationships, and numerous ways to achieve direct experiences with the divine. They contain sacred formulas that when correctly practiced, awaken the capacity hidden within each soul. Indian saints from 2,000-5,000 years back practiced this spiritual technology to receive supernatural energy in their souls. They researched how to implement the soul’s energy for the benefit of the world.

Ancient Formulas for Lasting Change

The ancient manuscripts have energy formulas, containing pin codes (bija mantras) and yantras (sacred geometry) revealing how to receive the Mother’s grace in a short time. Through practicing these formulas miracle energy is generated in our soul, bringing healing to every cell of our body and lasting peace and joy.

Until now, this knowledge has only rarely been shared. It is the mission of the Divine Mother Center to make it available to everyone, while continuing to create opportunities for in-depth spiritual study for every level of student. The correct practice of this knowledge is necessary for humanity to take an evolutionary leap to wake up and come out of the darkness. It is the key to manifesting real, lasting change on the globe.

Real Solutions for Every Problem

Through the ancient knowledge any soul can become a powerful channel to the cosmic energy to help themselves and others. This knowledge gives solutions to problems for any aspect of human life.

The Divine Mother’s palm leaf knowledge reveals how to:

  • Awaken a woman’s divine power
  • Permanently open a channel to the cosmic energy
  • Experience trance meditation easily
  • Develop healing abilities
  • Overcome unworthiness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, self-doubt
  • Create, discover, and nurture soul mate relationships
  • Conceive and raise peaceful, happy, and capable children
  • Release heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships
  • Heal abuse, abandonment, and childhood wounds
  • Experience true happiness
  • Balance sexual energy and use this energy in a positive way
  • Develop clarity of consciousness and high creativity in your chosen field
  • Communicate with angels
  • Develop your ability to soul travel
  • Create protection circles around you.
  • Bring relief from negative energies and black magic
  • Receive the power and wisdom to recognize and fulfill your life’s purpose
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