Power Spot


The Divine Mother Center lives peacefully in the majestic forest of Mendocino County in Northern California just outside Laytonville, California. The Divine Mother Center is a Shiva/Shakti (Dattatreya/Mother Divine) power spot with the highest magnetic energy, rarely experienced outside of India. Power spots are places where our body and soul are energized and renewed. The saint Sri Kaleshwar personally created and blessed the Center as a sacred power spot in the West during his many visits from 1999 to 2011. He demonstrated numerous miraculous manifestations on the land, and connected this land to other power spots, including Shirdi and Penukonda, India, saying it would be a powerful catalyst to sincere students.

The Divine Mother Center was created by Sri Kaleshwar as a sacred power spot to make it possible for students of the Divine Mother’s palm leaf knowledge to do certain advanced practices outside of India. His sankalpam (intention) was that having this power spot would help bring the shakti-energy channels to the West. The Center was created for the sake of all future students, generating high positive vibrations to uplift humanity now and for generations to come.

A power spot is a place of divine power. The land is highly charged with powerful magnetic energy. The earth in a power spot radiates high divine frequencies. “When you walk on those places,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “because you’re in the middle of the energy, whatever negative energy you have in you, just entering that land and walking on it, innocently (without your knowing) it purifies you. Whether you notice, or don’t notice, the vibrations when you walk there, same result.”

All of the five elements of nature in these powerful places radiate these vibrations – the earth, the fire, the water, the sky, and the air you breathe. The vibrations are magnetic, charging your soul and making you feel peace. When you visit power spots, it helps you to decharge negative energy and connect to the Divine. People all over the world make pilgrimages to power spots, like Mount Kailash, Penukonda, Varanasi, Sri Sailam, Tirupati, Shirdi, Hampi, Mecca, Lourdes and Jerusalem.

The creation of a power spot is based on a spiritual science of energy laws and natural phenomenon. God, nature, and saints create such places. Miracles have happened at power spots. Often at power spots a saint is buried or has meditated or walked on the land, even one time, creating high magnetic vibrations. Power objects are frequently linked to the land, either those created by a saint or those miraculously appearing on that land. Power spots are also created when the qualities of nature at that place are very special due to its naturally occurring Vaastu.


This Power Spot

We grow and maintain the vibrations of this powerful energy spot through all our sacred ceremonies and Temple processes (dikshas, guidelines). We perform daily morning holy baths, aarathi, and worship to Shirdi Sai Baba; morning and evening aarathi to Dattatreya, and regular holy baths to Ganesh and Dattatreya each Full and New Moon. We follow Vaastu principles with the land, structures, and inside and outside spaces at the Center; and maintain a sacred dhuni, holy fire pit, to generate positive vibrations for human kind and all the Earth, especially through sacred fire ceremonies every Full and New moon and other special energetic times throughout the year. These practices grow and support the healing energy we broadcast throughout the word, so you can receive this high divine energy wherever you are.

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