Protection & Success Sacred Fire Ceremony


Protection & Success Sacred Fire Ceremony


We are blessed to have an ancient remedy for negativity in this modern world. Each New Moon, we perform a powerful Sudarshana Sacred Fire Ceremony for Protection and Success. Free yourself from unnecessary suffering to navigate life’s challenges more clearly with this powerful ceremony. The Protection and Success Sacred Fire Ceremony sends an arrow of positive energy to you, protecting you from negativity, unforeseen dangers, and illness, and clears a path for success in any project or endeavor. This fire ceremony comes directly from Divine Mother’s palm leaf manuscripts and provides profound protection against the darkness and negativity in our lives and in the world around us.


Experience the Energy With Us

Every New Moon

Join us virtually every New Moon to strengthen the protection energy around you and increase your soul capacity through this ancient practice. Participate by offering a prayer and a coconut and watch virtually as we broadcast the Sudrashana Sacred Fire Ceremony every New Moon.


Participate in sacred fire ceremonies by offering a coconut and personal prayer or intention for whatever you need in your life. You will receive a personalized healing transmission at a sacred fire ceremony and your prayers and intentions will be empowered with divine energy. You can also offer a coconut on behalf of friends and loved ones.

You do not have to be present to receive them. Join us by offering a prayer and a coconut and watch virtually as we broadcast the Sudrashana Sacred Fire Ceremony every New Moon.

The Sudarshana Sacred Fire Ceremony is a powerful practice you can do to bring in high levels of Divine protection and success in any endeavor in your life. The vibrations of the world around us today are very challenging. Taking care of our energy, and maintaining a peaceful, inner balance is so important for our health, happiness and success. Connecting with vibrations that grows and strengthens our protection energy circles help us manage our energy and navigate life’s challenges in a smooth and positive way.

Through the formula of sacred prayers, sacred geometry, and specific offerings given to the fire, the energy and blessings of this ceremony reach you wherever you are. Participating in a Sudarshana Sacred Fire Ceremony every New Moon can bless you with new levels of protection and success.

• Gives the highest positive energy to your soul
• Protects you from negativity
• Provides relief from inexplicable sufferings, diseases and hostilities
• Removes dark energy and other intentional negativity
• Gives protection from unforeseen dangers
• Protects property
• Creates positive energy to uplift and protect people, plants and animals

Pray for others. Pray for peace. Pray with love.
Join our New & Full Moon Ceremonies & create divine vibrations for peace and happiness!

I want to express how deeply I am touched, when I hear my name being mentioned at the fire ceremonies at the Divine Mother Center. I know that I am included, not because I registered to have a coconut broken in my name, but because of a kindness in your heart, and the heart of the Divine Mother community. I hear my dear friends’ names as well, and I know they are also so deeply appreciative of that heartfelt thoughtfulness and kindness. It is a reminder to me, of our Unity.

ZAHIR MOVIUS Laguna Woods, California

I would like to thank all of you at the Divine Mother Center for the work you are doing. I am absolutely amazed! I watched fire ceremony again online on YouTube, and I was so surprised I heard our names again! I am so heartfully grateful that you are taking care of our souls, it is absolutely remarkable.

IVETA J. Czech Republic

Whether I am able to watch the live streaming or not, it is always a deep, soothing soul and heart healing experience. The vibrations I am feeling and receiving every time are incredibly uplifting and make me feel so light and happy, so peaceful and full of joy. All this helps me a lot to bring more love and consciousness in my everyday life, to my family and my surroundings. Thank you all for your beautiful work! Keep it up!!

MARIA GUCHER Event Manager and Yoga Teacher, AUSTRIA

The Divine Mother Center’s Fire Ceremonies have helped our lives with karma troubles, difficulties (Yasuyuki's 13 hours' tongue cancer surgery etc), and heart break. We were helped and cured mentally and physically by Fire Ceremonies and your prayers and your sincere devotion. You helped us a lot. We want to support your way as long as possible!

YUMIKO & YASUYUKI NAGOYA Nishitokyo-city, Tokyo, Japan

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