Mantra Meditation


Mantra Meditation


The ordinary, unawakened mind is looking for happiness and satisfaction where it can’t be found; instead, such a mind finds only constant sorrow and suffering with negative thoughts and poor self-image. When such a mind is in charge, you can’t find peace and happiness because you are endlessly chasing after happiness where it can’t be found. Meditation, especially japa meditation with mantra, is a remedy that quiets the mind. When the mind is quiet and you feed your soul with divine vibrations, it begins to awaken, and in that moment, you experience bliss and happiness at the deepest level.

Using the sacred formulas of palm leaf knowledge when you meditate, opens divine channels in your soul, allowing you to tap into high cosmic energy. Mantra meditation with the seed mantras (bijas) the Divine Mother revealed, enables you to enter a state of trance quickly, and in trance state you receive the highest healing energy for your body, mind, and soul. In trance state, not only does your mind become quiet and you experience relief from the suffering generated by your thoughts, but you experience an awakening at the soul level. This awakening creates a new, growing vibration in your life as your soul begins the work of healing and revitalizing you with shakti, the Mother’s energy, from the inside out. You begin to experience new peace, healing and joy in your life that is truly transformative. You begin to experience yourself as a divine soul.

Mantra meditation is an ancient spiritual technology that uses bijaksharas, or bijas for short, which are like PIN codes to the soul. In Sanskrit, bija literally means seed, and akshara means letter. These powerful, sacred seed letters, or sounds, come directly from the Divine Mother. They are the vibrational building blocks of everything in the creation. The life force hidden in the sounds of each mantra activates and develops your soul.

In mantra meditation, your mind is occupied with the repetition of the mantras and is pulled into a deep trance easily and effortlessly. It is in this state that the soul awakens, and a divine channel is opened. Divine energy begins to flow to your body, chakras, and soul. As you feed your soul this energy, you experience the bliss of a brilliant light growing within you. The mantras lead you to this light. Your soul begins to teach and heal you as it gives you what you need to fulfill your life’s purpose with health and happiness.

Meditating with and charging the Five Elements’ mantras found in the palm leaf knowledge is a great place to start or deepen your meditation practice. All of nature is made of the five elements (earth, fire, sky, water, and air), including your body. Wherever you go you are connecting with these elements. When you breathe, you connect to the air. When you bathe, you connect to the water. When you garden or take a walk, you connect to the earth. In ceremony you connect using water and a fire or flame. The elements have special mantras that are a spiritual formula to open a connection and develop the vibration of that element within you. When you develop the power of the five elements in your life and fill your body with their vibrations, then automatically your mind, heart and soul begin to bloom.

Opening the Five Elements channels also balances the Shiva (Divine Father) and Shakti (Divine Mother) energy within you while purifying your soul and connecting you with divine energy increasing your protection and soul capacity.

Modern science is discovering what the ancient sages have known since the beginning of time – meditation is the key to awakening consciousness and unlocking hidden potential. Modern scientific studies reveal that meditation changes the anatomy of the brain and its functions. People who meditate grow larger brains and experience increased gray matter in the brain, the indicator of intelligence and capability. The brains of meditators are larger than non-meditators and have less thinning gray matter as they age.

Meditators are also physiologically younger than their biological age. Studies show meditation changes not only the brain’s physical structure but its functioning in the following ways: increased attention span, sharpened focus and ability to concentrate, increased willpower, better memory, enhanced capability to regulate emotions to create well-adjusted responses, and increased ability to cultivate positive emotions.

5 Elements Course
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Five Elements Process

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The Five Elements Process connects an individual’s consciousness and energy chakras directly with God’s cosmic energy contained in each of the Five Element Channels. Practicing these meditations brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates powerful protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate more easily as you practice. Enroll for free and go at your own pace.

Benefits of Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation benefits every aspect of your life. It not only serves to quiet the mind, but to awaken and develop the soul. The ultimate benefit of meditation is to help you reach your highest potential as a human being – to realize your union with the Divine and experience true happiness and bliss. With mantra meditation, you can consciously create a beautiful, divine life for yourself and the world through the Divine Mother’s seed sounds. When you feed your heart and soul these positive vibrations of creation every day, it brings you what you need most in your life:

  • New abilities and useful insights
  • Sharpened focus and ability to concentrate
  • An open heart
  • Improved memory and clarity
  • Increased ability to cultivate positive emotions
  • Increased willpower and confidence
  • Purification of fear and negative tendencies
  • Peace and inner strength
  • Changed karma in a positive way
  • Self-healing of mental stress and negativity
  • Success to your daily life, business activities and family life
  • Spontaneous healing
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