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As a mother, you can transmit spiritual energy to your children during pregnancy and throughout their entire lives through simple practices, prayers, and meditations. These techniques, from the Divine Mother’s Palm Leaf Manuscripts, show mothers and families how to develop and awaken the highest spiritual energy in your baby’s soul as it is growing in your womb. Children who receive these energies from their parents are connected to their soul’s purpose in life at a young age. These practices can be used in combination with any spiritual or religious tradition you practice. Whether you are a first-time parent or an established family you will gain invaluable insight and lasting benefits from these powerful ancient practices.


Divine Baby Blessing

The Divine Baby Blessing is a single energy transmission a mommy-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul while it is in her womb. The Divine Baby Blessing is given in one short energy transmission (shaktipat) during any stage of pregnancy by a Sai Shakti healer. This blessing empowers your Womb Chakra, awakening divine energy within you, and works through you to develop your baby’s soul. Dads-to-be and siblings are welcome to join this beautiful process to receive a special family blessing with you!


Consciousness Pregnancy Practices & Prayers

As a mother, you can transmit divine energy to your baby’s soul directly through sacred prayers at different stages of pregnancy. When you are carrying a baby in your womb, your soul and your baby’s soul are merged within your body. This special connection gives you the most profound opportunity to positively influence your baby’s soul throughout its entire life. Visit the Divine Mother School for conscious pregnancy prayers & practices.

Pre-Conception, Conception and Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change at every level of a woman’s being. Physical changes and other challenges sometimes overshadow the experience of the miraculous, internal process happening within her. The ancient knowledge reveals practices that show a woman how she can utilize this time of miraculous creation happening within her. These practices support conception and fertility, healthy pregnancy and birth, and blessing your baby’s soul during birth.

Prayers During Pregnancy and Birth

Any prayer a mother does during pregnancy powerfully blesses her child’s soul because of the special soul-to-soul relationship they share through the Holy Womb Chakra. A mother has the full power and authority to lovingly command on her child’s soul during pregnancy and birth. During pregnancy, a mother can pray for what she would like her baby to have during their life, and the beautiful, divine qualities she’d like them to possess. Birth is a very special moment for the soul of a child as well. Prayers during delivery create powerful protection and blessings for your baby’s soul. A father’s love also has a very special role in nurturing, protecting, and taking care of the soul vibrations of the child. Pregnancy and birth are two very powerful moments to offer prayers for your baby. By consciously utilizing the creative energy flowing between a mother and her baby, she can bless her baby to be a very happy, loving, capable child.

Divine Parenting

Divine parenting focuses on nurturing, protecting and strengthening your child’s soul development through the innate soul-to-soul connection parents have with their children. In divine parenting, we develop the soul energy of our child to help them live consciously and navigate life’s challenges with ease. A mother is the greatest healer for her child, and the father is the second greatest healer.

The parents’ love and prayers bring the highest healing and protection to their children. Easy-to-use meditation practices show how to use the special energetic connection between parents and children to support their happiness and success throughout all stages of life.


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