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If you are experiencing tragedy, great hardship and loss in your life, looking at the Vaastu of your home or office can often offer insight into why this is happening. When you live in bad Vaastu, obstacles, problems and hardships will come, seemingly without reason. Your home’s Vaastu impacts every aspect of your life. Good Vaastu in the places where you live and work brings good fortune and harmony, while bad Vaastu creates unnecessary suffering and hardship. By following the principles of Vaastu you can transform the quality of your life. Health, happiness and success come much more easily with good Vaastu.

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What Is Vaastu?

Vaastu is the ancient science of Vedic architecture that teaches us how to live in harmony with nature and how to influence nature so that it works for our benefit. It is the science of designing and building homes according to the eternal laws of nature. Vaastu is often called ‘Indian Feng Shui’ and in fact predates the more widely known ‘Chinese Feng Shui’ by thousands of years. Vaastu is a revered science and was revealed to the ancient maharishis in their meditations and direct observations of nature.

Vaastu sets forth the principles of the natural order and structure of creation. Although the same nature exists everywhere, every location is different. Vaastu shows us which places and homes are best to live in. The science of Vaastu is a very practical, effective way to solve many of life’s problems.

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When you harness the power of the five elements, the positive effects of nature being in balance begin to flow in your life. Vaastu teaches you how to live in harmony with nature and how to make the energy of nature work for your benefit. Following Vaastu means following nature by living in harmony with the five elements.

In buildings and spaces where the energy of the five elements supports you, positive vibrations will flow strongly into your life. Each of the elements has a proper position on your property and in your home. When the elements are correctly positioned, they become balanced and surround you with perfect vibrations. Then the positive effects of the elements will flow. Nature automatically cooperates with your soul and your life. In order to live a happy and successful life, you have to take protection in God’s five elements, the five life forces of Vaastu.

Each of the five elements behaves in two ways, positively or negatively. If the energy of the elements is used properly, they give positive results. Good Vaastu makes use of the elements in the right way by working with them to create harmony on our land and in our home. If the elements are not cooperating with us, if we are not accessing their vibrations perfectly, we will receive terrible sicknesses, unnecessarily create enemies, and without our notice, lose a lot of money. When we have the cooperation of the elements through correct Vaastu, we receive support in every area of our life, including the enhancement of our spiritual process.

Good Vaastu creates the peace, prosperity, power, health and happiness in our lives. If you follow the principles of Vaastu, your life will be successful. Vaastu can and will change any person’s life. You can create your home as a heaven, a peaceful refuge from the chaos and confusion of the outer world by living and following the rules of Vaastu.

Request A Private Vaastu Consultation!
Request a private consultation with a Kaleshwar Certified Vaastu Consultant. There are a small number of people worldwide who received this certification prior to Sri Kaleshwar’s passing in 2012. They are currently available for large Vaastu projects and new construction design.

Victory Through Vaastu


“After years of trying to find the right vaastu, my wife and I finally found a property that had a northeast slope, water in the north flowing east, and a house that had some defects that we’d be able to fix. Within a few months of moving in, I landed a job that paid me more than any I’d had before.

We started to have more clarity and happiness! After we fixed the major defects, a new job appeared that paid almost three times as much as the previous one. My heart has undergone an incredible opening, my relationship with my wife has reached new heights, and I’m finally feeling a level of inner peace and happiness that had been missing in my life for so long.”


Soul healing ceremonies and other processes are spiritual in nature. The energy flows to where it is needed most and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Sacred Fire Ceremonies, Soul Healing, Teaching, and Spiritual Counseling work as a supplement or in addition to treatments and professional advice you have received or may seek in the future. By participating, you understand that no statement by a practitioner or spiritual process is intended as treatment or prescription for any disease or as a substitute for regular medical care by a qualified physician or therapist or a substitute for advice from a qualified attorney, accountant, or financial advisor. Please read our full disclaimer here.