The Five Elements


Everything is made of the five elements: earth, fire, sky, water, and air. These are the pillars of God’s creation. Your body and soul are made of the five elements and wherever you go, you are living in and affected by the five elements. The Divine Mother’s palm leaf knowledge reveals how to access the divine power of each element and purify and balance that element within the body. Your divine channels are awakened through the energy of the five elements, and it is through the five elements that She begins to recognize and see us. Charging and meditating with the Five Elements’ mantras opens the door to your journey to the Divine Mother.

The elements are made up of God’s energy, the energy of the Divine Mother and Father (Shiva/Shakti) and it is through this energy you will find a new capacity for self-healing, purification, clarity and an awakening of consciousness that will transform your life.

Charging the Five Elements

Meditating with, and charging the Five Elements mantras, is a great place to start or deepen your meditation practice. You are part of nature, and all nature including your body, is made of the five elements (earth, fire, sky, water, and air). Wherever you go, you are connecting with these elements. When you breathe, you connect to the air. When you bathe, you connect to the water. When you garden or take a walk, you connect to the earth. In a sacred ceremony you connect especially using water or fire. Each element has a special mantra(s) that is a spiritual formula to open a connection and develop the vibration of that element within you. When you develop the power of the five elements in your life and fill your body with their vibrations, then automatically your mind, heart and soul begin to bloom.

Opening the Five Elements channels also balances the Shiva (Divine Father) and Shakti (Divine Mother) energy within you while purifying your soul and connecting you with divine energy giving you protection and awakening your highest spiritual capacity.



  • Access and channel the highest positive energy anytime
  • Create powerful divine energy circles to protect you and your family
  • Create strong willpower
  • Increase your happiness
  • Release negative or unwanted energy anytime
  • Heal yourself from any type of negativity or suffering
  • Spontaneous healing
  • Heal children and family
  • Heal and help others more effectively
  • Make your mind very peaceful
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Deepen your meditation practice
  • Develop psychic energy
  • Bring success in everyday life
  • Create a channel between you and the Divine Mother
  • Experience the first stage of enlightenment
five elements

Earth Element

The earth element has a vast and amplifying magnetic power with the ability to absorb and maintain any vibration in nature. Enormous energy is held in the earth element, and it is available to you. When you look at the beauty of the earth your heart opens, and you can easily attract its energy into your life. By charging the earth mantras you are able to connect to the earth element and receive great happiness, peace, strength, and courage to deal with life’s greatest problems. Your soul connects with the energy of the earth, and it begins to protect you. The earth element also supports the creation of a happy, successful divine life.

Benefits of the Earth Element

  • Remove depression & mental illness
  • Decharge stress & negativity
  • Mitigate mental suffering due to money problems
five elements

Fire Element

The sun gives light, energy, and heat to us. We can see the energy of God in the sun. Without the sun, the element of fire, there would be no light, no creation, no circulation of the energy. The sun is a reflection of the highest divine energy. A flame is the tiny symbol of the huge light of God burning in every part of creation. The most powerful way to connect to the fire element is with your eyes. By looking into the fire, you automatically receive those divine vibrations as it opens your heart and directly flows to your soul. Sacred fire ceremonies are wonderful examples of utilizing the fire element to open hearts, create protection circles, activate healing for the body and soul and bring relief from the suffering of life.

Benefits of the Fire Element

  • Send distance healing
  • Open your divine energy channels
  • Burn negativity
  • Bring highest positivity
  • Bring prosperity
  • Fulfill our heart’s desires
five elements

Sky Element

The sky is the unlimited, infinite, unbounded energy of Shiva. When we connect to the sky, we can call in Shiva’s angels to help us grow our capacity to heal ourselves and others. We use the energy of the sky to connect to Shiva’s angels to experience miracles. The energy of the sky opens your heart to Shiva to receive His divine energy in your life to develop new divine capacities. When we meditate with the Sky Mantra, we ask Shiva to deepen the capacity of our heart and fulfill our heart’s desires.

Benefits of the Sky Element

  • Connect to Shiva
  • Connect to angels
  • Receive high positive energy
  • Connect to all the soul knowledge in the universe
five elements

Water Element

Water is the nurturing, creating, purifying energy of the Divine Mother. This energy flows in the waters of the earth. You can connect to the water element when you drink it, when you’re swimming or bathing, and during ceremonies and sacred processes. The water element settles and balances the energy within you, while filling your body with healing vibrations. The water element calms you and makes you peaceful and gives the highest energy of all the other elements. It connects you to the Divine Mother’s energy and charges your soul with bliss!

Benefits of the Water Element

  • Heals physical problems & body pains
  • Heals mental depression & emotional problems
  • Washes negative emotions very powerfully
  • Refreshes mood
  • Connects to the Divine Mother’s energy
five elements

Air Element

The air is our most basic connection to life. Our bodies can only live when the breath is circulating. The wind, the air, is so important to our breathing system and to the operation of the planet. The air feeds life and it feeds the fire. It affects the water and the earth. Its energy can come in the form of a natural disaster, but it can also help you to receive the highest cosmic power very quickly. You can use the air element to send healing over long distances.

The natural element of the angels is the wind. When we meditate in nature, angels gather around us in the form of the wind and air. When you connect to the air element in this way, you can receive high divine energy and protection from the angels. They bless us with peace and healing vibrations.

Benefits of the Air Element

  • Connect to angels
  • Send your energy & blessings anywhere
  • Work through your dreams
  • Receive powerful divine energy
  • Grow a peaceful & controlled mind>

Decharging with the Five Elements

In your daily life you create, receive, and transmit both positive and negative energy, and are bombarded by the negativity of the world around you. When you decharge through the five elements you are relieved of any negative energy you may accumulate in your daily activities.
This process not only purifies your energy but also increases your soul capacity. Purifying the elements through decharging eliminates any negativity surrounding your soul while opening your energy channels. When these energy channels are open, the exchange of vibrations occurs automatically between the soul and the elements, leaving you feeling peaceful, refreshed, and balanced.

For anyone working in the healing arts, teaching, and helping professions, decharging is the most important tool you can use to take care of the negative energies you receive with and without your notice. As a healer you absorb some negativity as you work with the negative karmas and sufferings of others. Decharging on a regular basis is an incredible and necessary practice for any kind of healer and helper. Also decharging with the five elements is just as important for anyone in their daily life to maintain a healthy, balanced life.

Free Five Elements Meditation Course
We recommend finding a Five Elements meditation coach when you begin this process. Let our coaches support and guide you to success in this powerful journey of self-awakening!
Five Elements Coaching
No matter where you are in your meditation practice, a Five Elements coach can offer perspective, clarity and guidance into working with the Five Elements, so you can have the highest success in your process and connect deeply to the nature around you.