Healing Music


When we listen to a beautiful song, our heart opens naturally in response to the vibrations. Music can soothe the soul, relax the mind and body, and provide a way to express devotion to the Divine. When we sing bhajans, the purity of the singer’s love and intention creates vibrations that connect to the Divine in a very special way. Sing or listen to healing music, bhajans, for an immediate heart-opening experience that will boost your mood and deepen your connection to the Divine.

healing music

How Bhajans Work

Bhajans are a devotional call and response style of singing prayers, often written in ancient Sanskrit and Telugu. A lead singer sings a line or verse from the song and then everyone ‘responds’ singing it together. These prayers are made up of mantras, sounds that generate divine vibrations filled with healing energy. God created the universe with these powerful sounds. When we sing bhajans, we are connecting through sound to the vibrations that give creation form, which is connecting to the blissful energy of the Divine Mother and Divine Father.

When bhajans are sung with pure love, the capacity to merge with God is experienced by singers and listeners alike. Skill and capacity
in playing an instrument, being in a choir, or vocal training are not necessary to sing bhajans. Having an open heart is the most important ingredient in Kaleshwar Bhajans. The Divine Mother is the source of the energy and the lead singer connects to this energy using it to guide the song by starting quietly, building the energy, and closing the song in peaceful silence.

healing music

Benefits of Singing Bhajans

SINGING BHAJANS IS A POWERFUL PRACTICE OF SELF-HEALING. Listening to and singing bhajans creates immediate peace and happiness. Bhajans are a pathway to realizing God, while giving a palpable experience of the Divine. They bring us happiness and open our hearts. When we are happy, we experience the Divine Mother’s energy in a new way.

STRENGTHEN YOUR SPIRITUAL PROCESS WITH BHAJANS. Singing bhajans is a powerful way to develop unconditional love. Experiencing devotion through bhajans opens and heals the heart and gives a direct experience of God’s love and bliss. Bhajans help develop our divine qualities such as humility, gentleness and open-heartedness.

Ways to Experience Bhajans

The best way to experience bhajans is to listen and sing along with them! The Divine Mother Center offers virtual concerts you can join online to experience the healing power of bhajans from home. You can also enjoy recordings of past concerts on YouTube.


Mother’s Day Bhajan Concert recorded live at the Divine Mother Center, May 2021.


This was written and produced by Shakti Ma (Christina Maria Schmidt)
Recorded live at the Divine Mother Center in Laytonville, California in September 2016.


This bhajan was recorded live around the dhuni (sacred fire pit) before the Guru Purnima Maha Sacred Fire Ceremony at the Divine Mother Center in July 2013.

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Experience the healing power of music!
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