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Divine Mother Temple and Dattatreya Temple Building Fund Campaign

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A New Divine Mother Temple and
Dattatreya Temple at the Divine Mother Center

We invite you to join with us to create a new home for the Divine Mother and Dattatreya to bring their energy and miracles to the world. We are raising an initial $108,000+ to begin Phase 1 construction of a new Divine Mother Temple and a new Dattatreya Temple in the Southwest of the Divine Mother Center Complex. We are building the Divine Mother Center together to support the most profound experience in our daily lives now and for future generations to come – the experience of shakti, the Divine Mother’s energy.

“When we know we have that connection to Her energy then everything is alright. We feel the divine energy in our lives. We know we can communicate and that is the most precious, precious thing, and we can connect to Her in such a powerful way. That is the gift. That is what this place is about.” – Mataji 

We Need Your Help!

Watch a Message from Mataji and Nityanandaji
from the Location of the Future Temples

Watch a message about the special alchemy of energy that will flow from the new temples.

Watch a special message about the miracle of bringing the Divine Mother to the world.

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The world needs power spots and healing places to exist to bring divine energy to the world. The Divine Mother wants to be installed at the Divine Mother Center and Dattatreya wants to be installed facing the Divine Mother in Her home here in the majestic forest of Mendocino County in Northern California. To be built according to Vaastu with instructions given by Sri Kaleshwar, the first Dattatreya Avatar of this age, in his lifetime, the installation of the Divine Mother and Dattatreya in nature this way will create an alchemy of miracle energy flowing to bless people around the world. These new temples will birth new spiritual activities of all kinds into the world.  They will be a place of the highest divine teachings, initiations, healing and energy transmissions. Building these temples is an exciting and important step in bringing the Divine Mother’s love and blessing energy to the world, especially to the West.


Every Dollar You Give Will Be Matched

Your Soul Will Be Linked To All of the Blessings That Flow From These Temples

With thanks to the generous support of a Giving Circle in Texas and Minnesota, all donations to the Divine Mother Temple and Dattatreya Temple Building Fund Campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $27,000.

Brick by brick, soul by soul, each person who contributes will share in the punyam, soul blessings flowing back to you from future generations who benefit from these temples.  Building will begin as soon as possible once we reach our starting goal of $108,000 for Phase 1 construction of initial homes that will grow into grand temples.

Give from heart

Every heart is longing to be uplifted, for nourishment and solutions for today’s challenges that only spirituality can provide. Every heart longs to find and express their unique soul song and be filled with the song of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, Dattatreya – theirs is a song of happiness in unity. Our work at the Divine Mother Center is to share the knowledge and experiences of spirituality that helps remove suffering and fills our hearts with happiness and connection to the divine.

Our mission, to continuously develop the Divine Mother Center as the power spot it is intended to be, enables us to bring into the world the love and divine solutions we all want and need. Whatever you are hearing from your heart to do now, please listen to this and give what you can. Below you will see how to donate specifically for funding the new temples by designating your donation for this purpose. You also can donate for the overall operations of the Center either one-time or on monthly basis. The Center’s ongoing work depends upon the generosity of donors like you. Thank you for building with us!

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The Divine Mother Center is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, all donations and dakshina are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID is 20-1426939.