Ganesh Holy Bath (Abishek)

Join us we connect with Ganesh to remove obstacles and create clearing-energy in our lives. Ganesh is the son of Mother Divine and because of his connection with Her, he has a special relationship with nature. Ganesh removes obstacles and clears away stuck energy. He removes the barriers that stand between our souls and experiencing the grace of the Divine. He clears the path for our success in what we need in our personal, business, and spiritual lives.


Experience the Energy With Us

Every New & Full Moon

9-10am Pacific

Positive vibrations radiate out to everyone who watches Ganesh’s Holy Bath – whether by live streaming or in person. The positive vibrations bless the entire atmosphere through the water, earth and sky elements, reaching you wherever you are.


While joining by live broadcast, look at Ganesh when the purifying liquids are being poured and he is bathed with honey and banana. You will receive the most energy by having your eyes open. As you watch, imagine that water is being poured over you, washing away any heart pain, illness, sadness, and removing obstacles. As the milk is being poured, envision the success of your prayers, what this looks and feels like. When Ganesh is being dressed with greens and flowers, imagine you are being dressed what all you need. Offer Ganesh a carafe of milk to wash away obstacles and stuck energy. Positive vibrations radiate out to everyone watching Ganesh’s holy bath. These healing vibrations will reach you and bless the entire atmosphere.

We use our eyes to receive the highest healing energy as we watch the water element in the form of water and milk, being poured over Ganesh. We imagine these sacred liquids being poured over us washing away any obstacles and blocks, as we chant sacred prayers with open hearts to connect with the Divine.

When you pray to Ganesh during a Holy bath, his energy responds to protect you. His energy comes like a giant elephant walking in front of you clearing away obstacles; his trunk sucking away negative energy. He is so loving and kind that he protects us from our own negativity and the negativity in the world. Praying to Ganesh before beginning any new venture or process brings success!

• Brings success in a new venture
• Creates a fresh start, a new beginning
• Protects from negativity
• Keeps your path and energy free and clear
• Removes obstacles in business or your personal and spiritual life

Give Ganesh A Milk Bath

Every Full Moon & New Moon / 9:00 - 10:00 am Pacific

Join A Ganesh Holy Bath by offering a pitcher of milk charged with your prayers will be given to Ganesh while your name is read aloud and the divine vibrations from the holy conch are blown. Offer milk to Ganesh on behalf yourself, friends and loved ones.