The Divine Mother Center is a place of healing for the body, mind and soul, and a home to five active temple spaces that are maintained as places of ceremony and Divine Mother/ Divine Father worship. The deep silence of the remote nature, powerful natural Vaastu, and ongoing divine energy processes maintain and grow high powerful vibrations and make these temples places of high divine vibration.

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Inaugurated on October 3, 2014

The Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is a powerful hexagon-shaped structure with a pyramid roof sitting in the southwest quadrant of the Center’s grounds. Baba sits in his temple and looks across the Center’s property out to the Mendocino National Forest and beyond. Sri Kaleshwar said Baba’s been in this forest a long time. It is here that online meditation programs, bhajans, teachings and special processes happen. Baba lives in each of our hearts and seeing his living presence in the murti (statue) ignites that reality more deeply in all who have his darshan. He is the compassionate grandfather and caretaker of us all. Every morning at sunrise we broadcast Shirdi Sai Baba’s Morning Worship.

Ganesh Temple

Inaugurated on June 14, 2007

The Ganesh Temple sits directly below the Baba Temple and has a covered meditation/instruction deck overlooking Lake Kaleshwar, creating a landscaped pradakshina path around the Temple. In November of 2005, Sri Kaleshwar used an advanced yogic process to enliven the Ganesh statue with divine energy. It is predicted the miracle energy of a great river of amrutha (divine holy nectar) will flow regularly from this Ganesh statue blessing the world for the next thousand years. Even now, many people have already witnessed and experienced this miracle energy from Ganesh at the Center. Ganesh’s holy bath is broadcast live every New and Full Moon. Ganesh’s holy bath is broadcast live every new and full moon.

Dattatreya Temple

Inaugurated with Datta’s Installation in May 2006

The Dattatreya Temple is the home of a living Dattatreya statue. Sri Kaleshwar performed a yogic process called Pranic Pratishtha to install a piece of his soul into the Dattatreya (Datta) statue, enliving it. Sri Kaleshwar said his soul energy would transmit divine shakti, blessing the world for thousands of years, and giving miracle experiences including darshan of the Divine Mother and darshan of Sri Kaleshwar. Already many people have witnessed miracles flowing from Datta. A number of dikshas (energy guidelines) were given by Sri Kaleshwar to impeccably maintain and develop the energy of Dattatreya. This includes daily sunrise and sunset aarthi, and an abhishek of milk, cream, and rosewater which we broadcast live every New and Full Moon.

Hanuman Temple

Inaugurated in 2007

In 2007, Sri Kaleshwar gave instructions to do a special process to sculpt a statue of Hanuman. The clay for Hanuman had to be made from the earth of the lake and the completed statue had to face the northwest. Hanuman is a great protector. Hanuman is the symbol for victory of the light over darkness. Wherever Hanuman is, no negative energy can stand. Hanuman’s supreme power was gained through his unconditional devotion and service to his master and soul mate, Rama.

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