WELCOME TO THE DIVINE MOTHER CENTER Real Remedies For The Modern Age We are a living lineage of ancient knowledge, bringing the Divine Mother’s light to the world.

Welcome to the Divine Mother Center!

The Divine Mother’s grace is the most profound spiritual gift. Waking up to the Divine Mother’s love and bliss brings healing and uplifts the soul. Experience the Divine Mother’s miracle energy right where you are to bring about lasting change in your life. Join us for sacred ceremonies, courses and community programs to open your heart and invite the Divine!
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Spiritual Director, Divine Mother Center

Mataji_Bio Pic 2022_smallest

Spiritual Director, Divine Mother Center

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Divine Feminine Revealed

13-Day Virtual Navaratri
Online Meditation Program

Friday, September 23 – Wednesday, October 5, 2022

In times of destruction and change, the Divine Mother births a new creation. She comes in the darkest times and brings healing and harmony. As She restores balance, She will awaken a new consciousness in the world. We desperately need Her unconditional love, heart energy, nourishment, care and protection now! Join us for this special Navaratri Program and connect to the Divine Mother’s energy to experience her bliss, love, protection, and nourishment.

Partner With Us To Help Build A New Divine Mother Temple and Dattatreya Temple At The Divine Mother Center! 

Your soul will be connected forever and ever to the beautiful divine energy of these temples going out into the world! These temples are an exciting and important step in bringing experiences of the Divine Mother’s love and blessing energy to the world, especially to the West. Watch new video messages about the alchemy that will flow from these temples and please make a tax-deductible donation to our building fund today!


Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Sacred fire ceremonies - fire pujas - are one of the most powerful self-care practices you can do. Since the beginning of time, fire ceremonies have been performed to solve problems, fulfill desires and purify negativity. The sacredness of fire is universal to all spiritual traditions. A flame is the living expression of the Divine light that exists in us. The fire automatically opens your heart and heals your soul. Sacred fire ceremonies will support your life, whether you are seeking health benefits, loving relationships, business success, or deepening your connection to the Divine.

virtual study

Grow Your Spiritual Practice at Home

Our virtual study opportunities are open to all people, all faiths, all levels of spiritual practice! The Divine Mother Center’s virtual learning communities are dedicated to bringing the Divine Mother’s ancient knowledge to the world through study, devotion and personal transformation practices.

Divine Mother School

The Divine Mother School offers learning opportunities based in ancient spiritual formulas. Learn about the Divine Feminine, the Holy Womb Chakra, shakti-energy practices and sacred ceremonies to support self-healing and growing your relationship to the Divine Mother.

Virtual Ashram Online Soul University

The Virtual Ashram is a virtual gathering place for students of the Divine Mother’s ancient palm leaf knowledge. The Virtual Ashram offers a growing library of living knowledge, classes consisting of live broadcasts covering over 30 topics with multiple teachers engaging weekly with students of all ranges of experience. Study at your own pace!

Meditation Coaching

Find peace and well-being! Whether you’re new to spiritual practice or have been meditating for years, one-on-one coaching will give you the opportunity to grow and deepen your meditation practice in a whole new way. Beginning, Advanced and Women’s Empowerment virtual coaching available. Let us support you on your journey.

Experience the Energy Today!

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Why Worship God As Mother?

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New & Full Moon Ceremonies

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Five Elements Meditation Process


Join us for regular monthly ceremonies, events and virtual programs.

the holy womb chakra

Connect To The Source Of All Creation

The womb chakra is the creative source of the Divine Mother hidden in your soul. Bring healing to your relationships, freedom from heartbreak and develop unconditional love in your life with step-by-step formulas the ancient rishis used. Because both men and women have a womb chakra, everyone benefits from these life-changing practices. Connect to the source of creation and experience the Divine Mother’s miraculous energy transform your life!


For Growth & Personal

Uplift your soul & experience the Divine Mother’s bliss right where you are.