Awaken the Soul • 2023 Program Series

Receive Baba’s Blessing

Raise Your Soul Vibrations to Receive
a Blessing from Shirdi Baba

First Thursday of Every Month
6:30 am – 8:00 am PDT

$25 per registration

Raise Your Soul Vibrations to Receive a Blessing from Shirdi Baba

Modern science agrees that everything has a vibrational frequency. Our thoughts, emotions, the five elements of earth, sky, fire, water and air, all have their own unique vibrations and frequencies. We attract to us energy that matches our energy. When we have an unmet desire or need, we emit a signal or vibration to the universe. The more we think about what we don’t have, the universe picks up this signal and creates more of the lack. When we align our thoughts and desires with positive, high-frequency emotions like love, joy and gratitude, we increase our capacity to attract and receive the things that we need and truly desire in our lives.

Shirdi Sai Baba is a powerful saint who lived from 1832-1918. He is a master of vibration and frequency and since taking mahasamadhi, he blesses hundreds of millions of people with miracles in their lives. Baba is the supreme miracle maker.

Join us the first Thursday morning of every month and experience the powerful vibrations of Shirdi Sai Baba’s Holy Bath (abishek) with a special energy blessing transmission. Connect with Baba to wash away lower vibrations like fear, worry and depression, and receive his blessings, creating positive vibrations in your life. Ask Baba for anything you need!

  • Wash away lower vibrations that manifest as fear, depression, and lack of what you need in your life.
  • Replace lower vibrations with the vibration of divine creative energy.
  • During an abishek and immediately following, when you pray with an open heart, you can match the higher frequency of whatever you want in your life. This is one of the secrets of the science of the soul used by saints for centuries!

Join the Holy Bath and morning worship LIVE
on any of our social media broadcast channels!

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Your name will be read out loud as milk is offered to Baba and a distance energy transmission is sent raising your vibration and the empowering your prayers.


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Receive Baba’s Blessings Holy Bath - Monthly Subscription

Receive Baba’s Blessings Holy Bath - Monthly Subscription

Receive Shirdi Sai Baba's Blessings Live Online Holy Bath First Thursdays Monthly Subscription 
6:30 - 8 am Pacific
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