Virtual Ashram Online Soul University


Virtual Ashram Online Soul University


The Virtual Ashram is an online gathering place for students of the Divine Mother’s Ancient Palm Leaf Knowledge. The Virtual Ashram offers a growing library of living knowledge, with classes consisting of live broadcasts covering over 30 topics with multiple teachers engaging weekly with students of all ranges of experience. This online learning community is open to anyone interested in deepening their spiritual practice through live, remote learning, small group and private sessions, and a range of community engagement opportunities. Whether you’re new to meditation or seeking a deeper connection with the Divine, The Virtual Ashram meets you where you are. All courses are open to anyone regardless of spiritual path, religion, or belief, and no prior meditation experience is required.

Virtual Ashram Online Soul University Virtual Offerings

Virtual Ashram Bundle

The Virtual Ashram Bundle includes 40+ Topic Driven Classrooms, 6+ Live Remote Teaching Sessions Each Week, 12+ Active teachers and over 1,000 hours of video teaching archives. Subscription includes lifetime access to this growing library of knowledge.

Courses & Programs

Virtual Ashram courses offer in-depth instruction in the ancient palm leaf knowledge. Course offerings include basic to advanced curriculum, featuring seasoned teachers dedicated to bringing the knowledge of the Ancient Mission to every life. Every course includes video/audio teachings, supplementary materials and lifetime access.

One-On-One Coaching

Whether you’re new to spiritual practice or have been meditating for years, one-on-one coaching will give you the opportunity to grow and deepen your meditation practice in a whole new way. Coaching areas include Meditation, Five Elements Process and Women In Spirituality.

Engage With Others

Learn, Discuss & Share Ideas in online topic-specific classrooms & blogs. Participate in a wide variety of live online weekly Zoom class meetings, and share Your Energy in regular group meditations & healing energy transmissions for others.

Intro to Soul healing
online course

Introduction To Healing

Basic Principles & Practices: Using Healing Energy For Others
If you have charged a Kaleshwar system and now want to use those channels to heal others, this class is for you. You will get the basic understanding of the nature of the soul and the energies of creation that a healer is trying to affect for a client.

Shiva Lingam Healing Tools
online course

Shiva Lingam Healing Tools

Access the Hidden Energy in a Shiva Lingam
Shiva lingams have channels to incredible healing abilities that the world needs access to now. In this mini-course you will learn simple techniques to access the hidden power in a Shiva lingam for healing and growth of consciousness.

Ancient Knowledge for this time of change!
Visit The Virtual Ashram for opportunities for serious students of the Divine Mother’s palm leaf knowledge.