Sister Centers

In addition to Community Soul Healers and Teachers, our sister centers are partners with the Divine Mother Center in building spiritual community and bringing soul healing and awakening through the Divine Mother’s palm leaf knowledge to local communities around the globe.

Asheville, NC
Four Flames Healing

Sivapriya (Jessica Godino) & Shankar (Chris Hargrove)

Offering in-person and distance soul healing, teaching, spiritual counseling, meditation coaching, New and Full Moon sacred fire ceremonies.

Blanco, TX
Paramashiva Center for Advanced Yogic Sciences

Ramakrishna and Bhramari (Kayla McGhee)

Offering private soul healing, spiritual counseling, teaching, training, New and Full Moon sacred fire ceremonies, and more.

South Bend, IN
Sai Shakti

Shivani (Laura Fickett)

Offering distance soul healing and meditation coaching.

Bavaria, Germany
Sai Shakti Heifzentrum

ShaktiMa (Christina Schmidt)

Offering soul healing, teaching, New and Full Moon sacred fire ceremonies (distance and in-person).

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