Building A Sustainable Future


The Divine Mother Center exists peacefully in the majestic mountains and forest of Mendocino County in Northern California and is home to full-time resident staff. Our Board and staff are committed to properly caring for this unique Divine Mother power spot and respecting, preserving, and protecting the nature in which we live. We have been living and working for more than a decade off the grid with solar and wind power and utilizing permaculture practices. We are dedicated to maintaining and growing the Center’s capacity for daily living, broadcasting, teaching, soul healing and training healers in ways that model sustainability and reflect the beauty, love and feminine healing power of the Divine.

Living Our Purpose

The Divine Mother Center is fundamentally about the growth and development of true soul community. We are living in community, pooling our creativity, energy, time, and other resources. As we share the daily acts of living together such as food preparation, cleaning, gardening and forest management, we reduce the impact on the environment and create a support system that enables us to do our spiritual work and support everyone’s personal growth. As a community we are creating soul bonds to do spiritual work on behalf of others to help make a new, divine age a reality.

Reducing Environmental Impact

  • Sustainable, organic flower and vegetable garden with a permaculture approach
  • Participation in community supported agriculture (CSA) efforts
  • Composting kitchen waste for garden use
  • Growing and caring for an orchard of 20+ fruit trees
  • Forest management and care
  • Solar, wind, and backup generators are our electrical power sources
  • Springs and wells are our water sources
  • Recycling, sharing, and passing on anything we do not actively use

Supporting Our Local Community

  • Participating in the local volunteer fire department.
  • Cooking one meal a week for Willits Daily Bread, a local soup kitchen
  • Supporting local food banks with food and financial resources
  • Gathering and preparing Christmas Baskets with supplies for a healthy dinner for families in need
Be a part of growing and maintaining a sustainable future with a gift to the Divine Mother Center!