New & Full Moon Sacred Fire Ceremony


New & Full Moon Sacred Fire Ceremony


The Full Moon and New Moon are powerful times in the lunar cycle when your chakras, the energy centers in your body, are open and most receptive to healing and changing karmic patterns. This is an ideal time to use fire ceremonies to increase protection from stress and negativity and receive divine blessings for personal and spiritual growth. Stress and negativity are put into the fire to be burned, and the release of stuck energy and old karma frees you to create something beautiful and new in its place.


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Experience the Energy With Us

Every New & Full Moon

Join us virtually every New and Full Moon as you need or join every month to maintain your positive energy from one moon to the next. Whether you are seeking health benefits, business success, or opening your heart to a Divine experience, a sacred fire ceremony will support you.


Participate in New and Full Moon Sacred Fire Ceremonies by offering a coconut and a personal prayer or intention for whatever you need in your life or on behalf of your loved ones, your community or the world. You will receive a personalized energy (shakti) transmission at a sacred fire ceremony and your prayers and intentions will be empowered with divine energy.

Watching sacred fire ceremonies – live or recorded – at home brings powerful results. You receive benefits and soul blessings no matter where you are in the world. Experience the peaceful, healing vibrations of a sacred fire ceremony.

Sacred fire ceremonies are the most powerful self-care practices you can do. The divine vibrations and healing smoke created during fire ceremonies are so beneficial and needed to create a happier, healthier society. We perform these ceremonies every two weeks, on the Full and New Moons, for healing, manifesting, and raising divine consciousness. By watching the sacred fire ceremonies from your own home, this ancient healing technology transmits a direct benefit and soul blessing to you no matter where you are in the world.

• Releases stress, negativity and stuck energy
• Washes out grief and depression
• Strengthens willpower and mental clarity
• Awakens spiritual growth and intuition
• Manifests material wealth
• Increases protection
• Revitalizes skin and blood cells
• Purifies the environment of toxins, germs, radioactivity
• Enhances the soil, increases crop production, brings rain
• Creates peace, hope, and inspiration

Pray for others. Pray for peace. Pray with love.
Join our New & Full Moon Ceremonies & create divine vibrations for peace and happiness!

I want to express how deeply I am touched, when I hear my name being mentioned at the fire ceremonies at the Divine Mother Center. I know that I am included, not because I registered to have a coconut broken in my name, but because of a kindness in your heart, and the heart of the Divine Mother community. I hear my dear friends’ names as well, and I know they are also so deeply appreciative of that heartfelt thoughtfulness and kindness. It is a reminder to me, of our Unity.

ZAHIR MOVIUS Laguna Woods, California

I would like to thank all of you at the Divine Mother Center for the work you are doing. I am absolutely amazed! I watched fire ceremony again online on YouTube, and I was so surprised I heard our names again! I am so heartfully grateful that you are taking care of our souls, it is absolutely remarkable.

IVETA J. Czech Republic

Whether I am able to watch the live streaming or not, it is always a deep, soothing soul and heart healing experience. The vibrations I am feeling and receiving every time are incredibly uplifting and make me feel so light and happy, so peaceful and full of joy. All this helps me a lot to bring more love and consciousness in my everyday life, to my family and my surroundings. Thank you all for your beautiful work! Keep it up!!

MARIA GUCHER Event Manager and Yoga Teacher, AUSTRIA

The Divine Mother Center’s Fire Ceremonies have helped our lives with karma troubles, difficulties (Yasuyuki's 13 hours' tongue cancer surgery etc), and heart break. We were helped and cured mentally and physically by Fire Ceremonies and your prayers and your sincere devotion. You helped us a lot. We want to support your way as long as possible!

YUMIKO & YASUYUKI NAGOYA Nishitokyo-city, Tokyo, Japan

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