Creation of a Power Spot

Mountains with the Highest Magnetic Energy

The Divine Mother Center is a sacred power spot created by Sri Kaleshwar during his lifetime. He predicted this Shiva/Shakti power spot would exist for thousands of years generating high positive vibrations to uplift humanity. It is here that the divine lineage of Masters would demonstrate their energy to the world. This sacred land is located in the remote forest of Mendocino County, in Laytonville, Northern California.


A Miraculous Creation

In 2003, during a rare visit to America, Sri Kaleshwar gave a program at the Noetic Sciences Institute in Petaluma, California. There he started the Atma Lingam Group.

In November 2005, during Sri Kaleshwar’s next American tour, he gave many miraculous healings at the Divine Mother Center concentrating on those with incurable diseases. An overwhelming divine energy emanated from the temple where Sri Kaleshwar gave healings to those who had come in wheelchairs, on crutches or were carried in. Many left weeping, overcome with emotion, filled with pure divine love and renewed hope.

After the healings, Sri Kaleshwar gave a teaching on Brahma Consciousness. “The whole system of Creation is in you but you don’t know it. You can do wonders, but you don’t know that. How to get that experience?” he asked the group of students present.

He revealed a secret about the potential hidden in the Nature. “There are still amazing divine souls – maharshis, gurus, saptarishis, divi atmas – in the Nature. They don’t want to go to their next life. They’re really just enjoying in the Cosmic. When you are in the physical body opening certain channels you can communicate with some divine souls.”

Sri Kaleshwar did a fire puja for those assembled and then spent the night at the Dattatreya Temple with the 25 Atma Lingam group members. That night an Emerald Shiva Lingam was manifested miraculously out of the river sand that had been specially collected and prepared by the group. This lingam was identical in look to the Emerald Shiva Lingam in the Dwarkamai in Penukonda, only different in size. On that cold midnight in November, the lingam was put into a vessel and then submerged in the water. “It needs to adjust to the Creation for some time,” Sri Kaleshwar said.


Dattatreya Arrives

Dattatreya’s arrival to this Shiva/Shakti power spot was miraculous. In May of 2006, Sri Kaleshwar arrived and unbeknownst to him, a statue of Dattatreya had been brought and was waiting in a large crate to be blessed by him. He was authentically surprised to see a statue of Dattatreya outside his bedroom window. “This morning I woke up and I felt I was in Penukonda! When I woke up today it took me 30 seconds to figure out where I was. I’m serious. It’s the first time in my life. That’s interesting that I started the process with you guys. Before I came here the statue was here!”

Dattatreya was always ten steps ahead of him he said.

He told the group later, “This morning I woke up and I felt I was in Penukonda. When I woke up today it took me 30 seconds to figure out where I was. I’m serious. It’s the first time in my life. That’s interesting that I started the process with you guys. Before I came here the statue was here.”

He then initiated a special process to install and enliven the Dattatreya statue, a yogic process called prana pratishta putting part of his soul into it. He gave a number of life-long dikshas (rules) that needed to be followed to maintain and develop the energy of Dattatreya.


A Place of Natural Brahma Consciousness and Miracle Energy

After the Dattatreya statue was installed Sri Kaleshwar continued with the profound teachings on Brahma consciousness he had begun during his last visit. He spoke for the first time about the mystery of Mother Divine’s womb, the creative power of the universe, and how to use Yoga Nidra to return to Her womb to recognize who you are.

He said that the land was a natural power spot and a natural place of Brahma consciousness. It was here that serious students would do spiritual practices and high-shakti processes to awaken their divine channels. He called it a Dwarkamai. “This is the place of miracle energy. You have no idea what energy is behind any tree. The statues will bleed. Around this area here there is no chance any negative spirit can come.”

After his talk, Sri Kaleshwar met privately with the Atma Lingam group who had participated in the creation of a supernatural power object – an Emerald Shiva Lingam that had been put in the lake six months earlier after its creation. He wanted it retrieved from the lake.

It was a very sacred and intimate moment as Sri Kaleshwar reached his hand into the vessel. When Sri Kaleshwar reached his hand into the vessel that had been brought from the lake, he first pulled out the original emerald Shiva Lingam. Then showing genuine surprise, he exclaiming quietly, “It changed!” He put his hand back in the vessel and brought out another one, then he put his hand back in and brought out a third one! The Shiva Lingam had split into three identical lingams of different colors. One was emerald, one was cat’s eye, and the other an unknown substance. Sri Kaleshwar was quiet for a while. One lingam splitting into three demonstrated the Dattatreya energy’s presence on the land. “This is Tryambakeshwara energy. There’s only one other place on the planet that has this vibration and that is in Tryambakeshwara in Nasik.” Tryambakeshwara is one of the 12 Jyotir Lingam Shiva power spots and is a site of the Kumbha Mela.

Eventually, he had the three Tryambakeshwara Lingams put back into the lake. Sri Kaleshwar spoke more about the astrology of this land and the Divine Mother Center, revealing that it was the power spot for the water element on the planet now. “These mountains have the highest magnetic energy. One day it’s going to become one of the top healing centers. These vibrations are just like Sri Sailam. I’ve never experienced these vibrations anywhere outside of India. Baba’s been in this forest for a long time.”

Eventually, he had the three Tryambakeshwara Lingams put back into the lake. During that process he linked this power spot to Penukonda, Shirdi, Sri Sailam, Tirupati and Kalahasti.


Mother Divine Darshan – Maheshwari Process

In 2007, an American tour was scheduled for Sri Kaleshwar to teach from the Parameshwari Yoga palm leaf book for the first time. Through the sacred formulas given in this ancient palm leaf manuscript it is possible to have darshan of Mother Divine, to see Her in physical form, and receive blessings directly from Her.

However, instead of giving the initiations in person, he had Monika and Nityaananda give them, saying that his physical presence was not necessary. He would be in yoga samadhi in India and entering into Monika and Nityaananda’s bodies through a yogic process and give the transmissions through them. There were Maheshwari initiations in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. One hundred thirty of those initiated went to India in March of 2008 and received Mother Divine’s darshan by Sri Kaleshwar’s grace.

In September 2008, there were two more Mother Divine initiations at the Divine Lineage Center and in Cincinnati, Ohio. “How your Swami pulled and manifested Her (for Maheshwari Group members in India in March, 2008), again the same thing is going to happen in America, in Laytonville. There your forest is very beautiful.”

Again Monika and Nityaananda gave these programs under Sri Kaleshwar’s guidance. During the initiation in Laytonville, there were dramatic symptoms in Nature that reflected the power of this transmission. Again Sri Kaleshwar was in yoga samadhi in Penukonda, India. Afterwards, when sharing these symptoms with him on the phone he said, “You initiated the wild Mother. Her Nature is calming down.”  This was made possible through the loving and protective force of the Dattatreya energy. He said that now many would have darshan of the Mother on the sacred land, because the Mother is now accessible through the alchemy that happened then.

In this age, the Dattatreya energy is the only energy that can calm down the wild Mother. He said Dattatreya was operating the creation energies of Mother Divine’s womb chakra on this Shiva/Shakti power spot. He said, “In the future many people will have all kinds of darshan here. The Mother’s blessing is here.”

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Victory and Protection – Hanuman Is Created 

In 2007, Sri Kaleshwar gave instructions to do a special process to sculpt a statue of Hanuman. The clay for Hanuman had to be made from the earth of the lake and the completed statue had to face the northwest. Hanuman is the symbol for victory of the light over darkness. Wherever Hanuman is, no negative energy can stand. Hanuman’s supreme power was gained through his unconditional devotion and service to his master and soul mate, Rama. During Sri Kaleshwar’s visit he installed the energy of Hanuman in the statue.


Surya Nadi Process

Whatever tiny problems you have – relationship, financial, health, your normal your small headaches, depression, heartbroken – those will be there forever. I’m coming to take care of that nonsense, that simple stuff. I’m coming with tiger balm. I know how to heal your headache. But your soul ache, you require soul pain balm, soul pain cream. My dear divine souls, I’m coming to do one fire puja, the Surya puja and give a strong ability experience in your life.

In 2009 Sri Kaleshwar released the Surya Nadi Process, one that had not been done since the time of Jesus. The high divine angelic energy was visible in the photos of the powerful fire puja.

Chandra Nadi Process

This healing transmission is recharging and awakening your consciousness, opening your third eye to make it completely wash your mirror and remove the dust from your soul mirror, to see yourself and be very clarity in a big, full way. In all angles to be in satchitananda. You can live and be feeling the gas in your car more strongly and powerfully and confidently can lead your life without any disturbance.

In October of 2009, Sri Kaleshwar sent Monika and Nityaananda from Penukonda, India to give the Chandra Nadi initiation at the Divine Lineage Healing Center. He gave more in-depth instructions about how to operate this power spot, how to use the elements and how to access the supernatural energy in the Dattatreya statue during the shakti processes.

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Trineytra Darshan

There was a small spark in the bowl, the flame started spreading and spreading, hugely spreading! I kept watching. The sandalwood powder was burning! Nityaananda was thinking, ‘How is it possible the sandalwood powder is burning by itself in the bowl? How is it possible??’ That is the Datta leela (divine sport).

In May 2011, Sri Kaleshwar came to give the Trineytra Darshan initiation to over 400 people. During the fire puja, Dattatreya surprised him again. Sandalwood powder had been prepared and put in a large bowl by the dhuni (fire pit) to be used in the initiation. Then what happened next surprised all who witnessed it. Smoke started coming out from the bowl. The fire had started itself!

Afterwards Sri Kaleshwar was ecstatic. “Did you see that? I didn’t even have to open my third eye,” he said. It was another spontaneous miracle.


The Dattatreya Statue Cries

On March 15th, 2012, Sri Kaleshwar took Mahasamadhi in India. Three days later, exactly as his body was being buried into the earth in Penukonda, the Dattatreya statue in Laytonville started crying. The group of students at the Dattatreya Temple did not know until later that at that exact time Sri Kaleshwar’s body was being buried.

All those gathered at the Dattatreya Temple had come to do an abishek and connect to Sri Kaleshwar’s soul. After the abhishek, they dried the Dattatreya statue very well as is always done. Datta was dressed; flowers were placed. Everyone then sat down to meditate when someone noticed the statue had started to cry. Tears were coming out of his eyes and then from other places on the statue. More and more tears came from different places on the statue. Everyone sat in awe. “This was a miracle. We could feel that energy. We really took it as a proof of Swami reaching out and telling us, ‘I am with you. I am still with you. Can you feel me? I am there. I am always with you,’” Shakti Thompson said.


The Future

Sri Kaleshwar worked not only on the supernatural aspect of creating this power spot, but on the natural aspect as well. He personally designed the Vaastu of this land throughout his six visits over twelve years. When he visited, he always walked and studied the land. He said he spent hundreds of hours contemplating its Vaastu to create it as a supernatural power spot.

During the Surya Nadi initiation, he gave 27 different Vaastu points that need to be applied over time. Eventually, and most dramatically, how the Lake will become the focal point for the Shiva lingams that were manifested here. He predicted this place will be another Tirupati, which is the most visited pilgrimage site not only in India, but also in the world.

During Sri Kaleshwar’s last visit before his Mahasamadhi, he did a final extended Vaastu analysis while walking the land with Nityaananda. As he was walking around the northwest corner of the lake, where he always liked to stand to see the view down the huge northeast slope, he turned to Nityaananda and said, “When this place is developed, it will prove the energy of the Divine Lineage to the planet.”