Victory Through Vaastu™


This summary is designed as an easy-to-use companion guide to the textbook, Victory Through Vaastu, by Sri Kaleshwar. It contains the nine basic principles of Kaleshwar-Vaastu which are used to determine if a property or home is suitable to live in, and if it will support or block a successful and prosperous life.

Vaastu is the Vedic architectural science of land and building placement which shows us how to align our homes with the positive forces in nature. Through the harmonious placement of the five elements in the four directions, we can eliminate many of life’s problems.
The basic fundamental principles of vaastu are simple and can be applied to virtually any structure – a plot of land, a house, an apartment and even a single room. Every aspect of our lives is affected by vaastu: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and even reputation.




The elements influence the course and quality of our lives. Good vaastu harnesses the powerful positive features of the elements while diminishing their negative aspects by po-sitioning them harmoniously on a property.

The natural harmonious place for each element is the same on every property. The water element should be in the NE, the fire in the SE, earth in the SW and the air element is in the NW. The sky element is everywhere at all times and is the space within which the other elements interact. Optimizing and understanding the vibrations of the elements through correct placement is the foundation of vaastu.



Protecting, patient, tolerant and nourishing. The Earth has tremendous magnetic power and absorbs negativity. For exam-ple, gardening or walking barefoot in the sand releases stress and generates happiness.

The Earth’s powerful energy makes the southwest the most commanding position in the household. The heads of the family should sleep in the southwest corner of the southwest room with their heads toward the south (first choice), west (second choice) or east (third choice). It brings peace and confidence. Never sleep with the head to the north. If the earth element is balanced properly in a house or property, it brings confidence, peace, stability and inner strength. We can handle life’s challenges more easily. The first priority of vaastu is to select the right land.



Heat and light, fire nourishes and eliminates darkness. Fire transforms, and easily destroys negativity. The rising sun is a big healer. A balanced fire element brings health, willpower and inspiration and supports healthy relationships. It is especially important to bringing health and happiness to women. Southeast defects bring negative aspects of fire: anger, lack of peace, health problems for women, conflicts, robberies, fire, heart attacks, etc.



Highest capacity to generate, magnify and transmit both positive and negative energy. The position, flow, shape, height and proximity of water affect strongly on our lives. Water positioned in the NE of a property can bring the highest prosperity and happiness. However, when positioned incorrectly it brings tragedy, illness, accidents and untimely death. Water has tremendous healing vibrations and can quickly wash away negativity and emotions bringing calm and tranquility. Water placement in the northeast increases the high positive vibrations naturally found in this quadrant.



Air is expressed through movement. It carries and transmits energy. Air influences the mind, thoughts, vibrations. Easily shift-ing and moving, it is connected to the fire element. Imbalanced air brings mental disturbances, conflicts, misunderstandings, defame and legal problems. Balanced air is good for creativity, business success, good reputation and happy relationships. High divine vibrations are found in the air. Angels are linked with the air element.



Infinitely vast and filled with unbounded energy. It is the space in which other elements interact. The sky and earth elements have a special relationship. The sky always balances the earth. The height and weight of the earth element in the SW are balanced in the opposite direction with open space in the NE. It brings harmony. In the Vedic tradition, sky is Shiva-the male energy- and the earth is Shakti -t he female energy. Sky and earth are balancing and the mechanisms of creation are running in between.

Many of our problems can be helped with the implementation of the principles of Vaastu. By changing your vaastu you will change your life.



  • The Cardinal Directions determine the correct placement and use of:
  • Walls and Buildings Doors and Windows Street Focus
  • Slope
  • Open Space Extensions and Cuts

If any of these features are in a negative direction, you are vulnerable to the negative qualities of an element affecting your life.
All of the green areas represent positive directions and red areas represent negative directions for the placement of doors, windows, street focuses, extensions and cuts.

Downward slopes and Open Space should only be to the North, East or ideally, Northeast (more below).



The elements have both positive and negative qualities. All of the principles of Kaleshwara Vaastu are designed to bring out the positive aspects of the elements.

To maximize the positive qualities of the Earth and minimize negative qualities, the most height and weight should be in the southwest. Mountains, hills, tall trees, or high, thick walls in this area, as well as heavy furniture placed in this part of your home, will suppress negativity.

Height and weight should be ideally distributed like this: highest first in the Southwest, followed by the Southeast, then the Northwest and the least weight should always be in the Northeast. As an example, 100 feet in the SW, 80 feet high in the SE, 60 feet high in the NW and finally 0 height in the NE.


Described from macro to micro: have mountains in the SW, open land to the North and East. Put your house in the SW and open ground in the NE. Place your big furniture in the SW of a room and keep the NE corner free.



Always provide more open space in the North, East and Northeast. There should be less open space in the South, West and Southwest. For example, the house is in the SW, and the most open space is in the E, N, and NE. Energy flows unhindered through open space. This leads us to the 4th Principle:



The NE is the gateway to the highest positive and divine energies.

  • Land and house walls can extend NE.
  • Open Space and Slope to the Northeast.
  • Water placed in the Northeast.
  • Frequent use and movement in the Northeast (Entrances, direction of travel).



The slope principle is related to the height and weight principle. It follows automatically that when the most height and weight is in the Southwest, then the slope is down towards the North and East.

Less height reinforces the energy of a direction. The Northeast should always be the low-est point of land and the Southwest quadrant should be the highest. Even a small positive slope or height difference is an advantage. Flat land is fine. NE slope brings prosperity and happiness and all manner of good fortune.


Sunlight plays an important role in our lives. Morning sunlight is very healing. Watching the sunrise is a powerful natural technique to discharge stress and negativity and refresh the mind and soul.

Position doors and windows to face the East and let the sun enter and purify your home. Morning light has the highest healing capacity and grows positive energy and happiness.

Sunroofs and windows are best positioned to prioritize the morning sun, not the evening sun. Frustration with friends and unhappiness even if you have money are two of life’s symptoms when you don’t have morning sun.


Like the sun, fire has a powerful effect on us. Positive fire promotes health, resilience and good relationships.

The fire element, the kitchen stove, fireplace, boiler, etc., is best positioned in the SE (fire quadrant), or in the NW (air quadrant) of the house. Likewise, the stove should be positioned in the SE or NW of the room and the cook should then be facing North or East while cooking.

A kitchen in the SW or NE is brings very harmful effect. SW kitchen incites fighting. A NE kitchen burns the money, brings disease, conflict and stress. A woman cooking in the NE will want to leave the house.



Water enhances the energy of the direction in which it is located and in which it flows. Because of this, it is so important that water is properly placed between middle North to Northeast to middle East. NE is best.
When water, the ocean, lakes, ponds, pools, fountains or springs are positioned in the Northeast, it creates the highest positive effect in Vaastu. It brings prosperity, happiness and success.

NE water can even help alleviate some Vaastu defects.

Water in the South and West is only acceptable if the bottom of the water body is higher than the elevation of your property and is outside the property boundaries. Then the water acts as a weight. Using South and West water for recreation, etc is not advisable.

An elevated, enclosed water container in the South, SW or West is also acting as beneficial height and weight.

The effects of water are also influenced by the size, shape and proximity. A rounded shape is good; a natural, random shape is most powerful. The closer, bigger, deeper and more moving water the water is will have more of a positive effect.



Movement is one of the most important influences on our lives. Entrances determine to a large extent the flow of the movement in the house, so using auspicious entrances like the NE are a top priority (refer to principle #1). Your daily movements create tangible reflections back into your life. Your movements affect the quality of your life now and in the future.

Use, move and travel most often to the East, North and NE areas. Consider the areas in your house and property you use most often, the entrances and directions used when leaving and entering your house and property, the direction of your travel to work, school, etc., the directions you face at work, in meetings, at home, and cooking, and even the direction of your mind to positive or negative thoughts.

Position interior and exterior entrances auspiciously.

  • Move, travel and face mostly towards the North, East and NE.
  • If it is good vaastu, use the entire property, but mostly move through and use the NE in the house and property.




Kaleshwara-Vaastu™ is based on the ancient knowledge systems taught by Sri Kaleshwar, a highly respected spiritual master in India. His book “Victory through Vaastu” has adapted this ancient science for the modern world giving practical solutions for improving the quality of every aspect of our lives.

It is his dharma, his life’s purpose, for this knowledge to be accessible to everyone.