Taking Control: How to Live Life From Your Soul

To live from the soul is to access the essence of God within, the inner master

Diverse spiritual traditions throughout history and around the world all guide practitioners to find and experience the presence of the inner master, the God/Goddess spark living in each one of us.

Living from Your Soul Virtual Retreat Series

Bring Forth the Seed Within

The process of living from your soul is about recognizing the seed of the creator that exists within all of us. This seed is essential. Our soul is our inner master and the literal creator of our life.

Searching book by book, teacher by teacher, or tradition by tradition is of no avail when connecting with your inner source.

The ultimate spiritual capacity – to connect to your own soul – is discovered, nurtured and expressed through simple lifestyle and spiritual practices.

Embrace Deep Silence and Meditation

Life lived from the soul starts in silence and deep contemplation. One begins this journey by investing in deep silence meditation, a technique grounded in the ancient Indian spiritual tradition, recorded and protected since before modern history in palm leaf manuscripts (1). This till-now-hidden body of knowledge teaches the science of the soul and how to utilize it’s cosmic energies to create through consciousness.

Chanting simple but powerful sacred prayers in mantra meditation is a key technique to mastering the mind and hearing the soul’s messages.

Practicing inner silence, we reach, communicate, exchange, and experience everything the Divine Mother’s creation has to offer.

Ancient palm leaf manuscript detailing the mantras related to each chakra.

The Uniqueness of Every Soul

Your soul is unique and distinctly defined by its own energy – light and vibration – just as the body it creates from within is unique. In reality, the soul is formless; it is the divine light of divinity linking all to the same cosmic source. The soul creates each life in order to flow into this world.

Soul energy, like water, takes the shape of any container that holds it. The ‘container’ may vary, as each individual is unique, but the essence of the water remains the same.

We can say the soul in each of us is the creator and we are each a part of God. Understanding this connection allows us to realize and experience that the entire universe is within us.

The divine power within each of us is the same.


Nurturing the Soul

The soul, living inside us, is sensitive and alive. It experiences all we experience. Overthinking, anxiety, and negative emotions like depression or heartbreak ultimately drain our soul’s energy.

Maintaining positive attitude, learning to quiet the mind, and healing the negative aspects of our personality bring energy and happiness to your soul.

Anything can be achieved when the right vibrations are given to the soul.

Creating Through Inner Consciousness

The soul and consciousness come together in trance meditation.

It is difficult in the beginning to work correctly while in a deep trance. During trance your soul is channeling pure cosmic energy. By using inner consciousness, you can direct this cosmic energy with intent and purpose, to create, heal and manifest anything. It takes some time and persistent effort to master.

The ability to operate the soul’s energy in trance consciousness is the key to manifesting in your life.


Living from your soul leads to a life of health, happiness, success and service. The path illuminated by this ancient wisdom provides incredible hope for spiritual and personal growth, experiencing the deep connection between our souls and the universe around us.

With practice, patience, and faith in the process, true soul living becomes attainable.

(1) Real Healing is Soul Healing, Volume 1. The teachings of Sri Kaleshwar, rendered by Mataji Penukonda.

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