The Benefits and Uses of Power Objects

Power Objects Bring Profound Miracle Energy Into Your Life

Every power object is a channel to the Master and the Divine Mother.  Power Objects contains the Divine Mother’s miracle energy inside them, making them a precious source of divine energy. Power Objects provide background protection from negativity and disturbing energy while generating clarity, inner peace, and success in your work.

Power objects come into being in a variety of ways. They can occur naturally in nature, can be an object blessed or manifested by a divine being or soul. Any object that is worshiped with great devotion can be a power object, as well are your mantra meditation mala.

Some power objects automatically transmit blessing energy to anyone present in front of them (with or without their doing or knowing anything), while others require a PIN code, a mantra, to access the energy. The blessing energy is transmitted through mechanisms involving the Five Elements (Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air).


Examples of Uses & Benefits of Power Objects:

  • Brings bliss and peace, which is itself profound miracle energy coming into your life
  • Connects you with the Divine Mother
  • Provides necessary background protection from negativity and disturbing energy so you can focus your consciousness, maintaining clarity and inner peace
  • Strengthens your Brahama Consciousness
  • Connects you with the divine soul who created the power object. It’s a spiritual law that if you have a power object charged by a divine soul he connected it to your soul and did a process specifically for your soul with it even if you never met in person or received the object long after the divine soul took samadhi.
  • Helps you reach trance in your meditation process and, once you know how to operate the power object, multiple the meditation energy a million-fold
  • Supporting your clarity and energy when seeing and communicating with angles, divine souls, and the Divine Mother in darshan
  • Giving shaktipat soul healings
  • Calming and removing negative energy before it has a chance to effect you
  • Keeping power objects in your bedroom near where you sleep uplifts your energy step-by-step

Learning how to use and access the energy of Holy Power Objects is a rich topic in the Path of the Divine Mother. To learn more  we recommend the Shiva Lingam Healing Tool Kit, the Five Elements Meditation Process and the 12-week series in our Virtual Ashram, Holy Power Objects.