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The Promise Of Christmas


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“Jesus travelled throughout India to learn supernatural things. He was really a huge starving person wanting to understand the cosmic. He wanted to understand the nature. He wanted to understand the depth of the Mother. Jesus had a very strong bond with Mother. He had the most beautiful conversations and interactions with Her. ‘I want to know you. I want to know you completely,’ he told Her.”

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In this Christmas season we celebrate the traditional story Jesus’ birth signifies. There is, however, a larger story surrounding his birth that can profoundly deepen our relationship to the Divine and help us truly bring peace to our hearts and peace on Earth. This larger story reveals that Jesus came to Earth from Mother Mary’s womb to bring the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine, the Shakti, to the world. His birth began his mission to show the world the way back to the Divine Mother. This is the same path that the rishis, our lineage, practiced to have Divine Mother’s darshan, communicate, and develop a personal relationship with  Her.


It was the Mahakali form of Mother Divine (the destroyer of negativity) that trained and prepared Mother Mary for her role in Jesus’ birth. His birth and mission only became possible through his mother Mary and her holy womb. Mother Divine as Mahakali also directly taught Jesus just as She later would teach others in the lineage of Jesus and Mary, including Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Kaleshwar, and Sri Kaleshwar’s students. So the deeper Christmas story reveals that the power behind Jesus is the Divine Mother. All the miracles that Jesus’ did in his life, were through His connection to the Divine Mother. Jesus is Her instrument leading the transformation of the world into a new consciousness age.

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In this 18-day process we will connect with Jesus and Mary to call the Divine Mother to receive Her miracle energy in our lives.  We will reach out to Her to illuminate the darkness, melt away our suffering, and clear that which separates us from Her, so that we too have can direct relationship with Her.  In turning our attention now to the holy, we will dissolve more deeply into our experience of Her, touching the promise of hope, joy and peace in each of our lives.
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Program Offerings & Events

FRI, DEC 17, 2021 – MON, JAN 3, 2022
  • Daily Group Meditations
  • Special Live Winter Solstice meditation
  • Special Live Christmas Eve meditation
  • 3 satsangs with Mataji
  • 1 live satsang with Mataji & Nityanandaji
  • Ancient knowledge about the real life and teachings of Jesus, including teachings about Jesus and his relationship with Yogis
  • Special Live Christmas Eve Concert by Prakasha
  • Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmissions in 5 Sacred Fire Ceremonies
  • Special Processes during the 6th Annual Peace Fires New Year’s Eve 26-Hour Global Event, connecting to Jesus to send blessings to the world and a Sri Chakra Puja (ceremony) to manifest your desires for the New Year
  • Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission in 2 Ganesh Holy Baths and receive the energy from 2 Dattatreya Holy Baths
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Join the LIVE Sacred Fire Ceremonies and Holy Baths on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch. Special meditation processes, satsangs and special program events will be broadcast via a private Zoom link.

Jesus & Mary

Connect to the Divine Mother Through Jesus & Mother Mary

The Divine Mother’s love and bliss is accessible to us in every moment. She wants us to experience Her together! As we gather in daily meditation and the practice of the ancient knowledge, the blessings of Mother Mary and Jesus are drawing us ever closer to a our own experience of the Divine Mother.

As we worship Jesus, he brings us ever closer to the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit. After the negativity is washed, we melt with Her healing love and we experience more deeply the promise of a personal relationship with the Divine Mother which teaches us and eternally nourishes us.

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The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ

By Sri Kaleshwar

“My mission is to bring Jesus’ life in a beautiful way to the planet and to prepare my students to be like Jesus – the Jesus Generation – by the grace of Mother. I am preparing the strongest healers to create real true love and a peaceful atmosphere on the planet. That day is coming; that time is coming.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

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During these 18 days we will we invite divine vibrations into our hearts using the same ancient practices that Jesus and Mary used. As we join in meditation, satsang, and sacred ceremony, we tune our hearts to the presence of the Divine Mother in our daily lives through the energies of Mary and Jesus.

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All materials and satsangs are stored in your course.

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