[Video] Practices to Cultivate Bhakti

We access the sacred place of the Divine Mother through our open hearts. On Navaratri 2021 Day 8, Mataji answers the question of what each person is longing to experience and shares simple ways to cultivate and experience the beautifully dazzeling nature of your heart, and how to keep your heart vibrations open, sensitive and feeling the Divine Mother’s love.
This video ends with a guided mantra meditation using three soul healing power words, bijas, to experience Her energy into your third eye chakra, crown chakra, and heart chakra.
Each bija represents a different form of the Mother:
aiṃ – Saraswati
klīṃ – Durga
sauṃ- Lakshmi
These bijas are considered the entry way into the Mother. Bring the Goddess’ energy inside of you through these prayers.
Guided meditation starts: 16:05


This video was originally broadcast on October 13, 2021 as part of Day 8 of the Navaratri 2021: The Glory of the Divine Feminine Online Program.

Meet Mataji: Having worked closely with the Sri Kaleshwar for 15 years in Penukonda, India, Mataji now holds the living tradition and lineage of Sri Kaleshwar, transferred to her before his mahasamadhi in 2012. He prepared her to bring the knowledge and direct experience of the Divine Mother back to a world that needs to awaken to Her presence. Mataji is the Spiritual Director of the Divine Mother Center.