Answer the Call of Your Heart.

Welcome to DEVI LOKA, a sanctuary for seekers, explorers, and spiritual adventurers from around the globe.

Are you seeking something beyond traditional religious practices? Craving a deeper connection to divine entities like Jesus, Mother Mary, and Kali Ma? Yearning for an authentic community that understands your spiritual journey? Look no further, you've found your spiritual home.

At DEVI LOKA, we celebrate each individual's
diversity and the richness it brings to our collective spiritual journey.

Our members hail from the US, Europe, Asia, and beyond, bringing unique perspectives and practices to enrich our community.
Whether you’re new to spirituality or have been treading the path for years, you’ll find a welcoming and supportive community here.
We understand the power of emotional openness and reflection in the spiritual journey.
Our community thrives on authenticity and vulnerability, providing a safe space for you to express your emotions and share your experiences. You’re not alone on this journey. Here, you’ll find fellow seekers who are also aspiring for deeper connections and inner transformation.

``I LOVE the whole thing, the platform, the content, the energy, the fire homes and rituals, the sharing, revelations, EVERYTHING!!! Truly, the price charged does not reflect the true worth but I am grateful for it because it made it possible for me and am sure for others who are struggling too. 💗🙏``

~ DEVI LOKA Member


In a tech-savvy world, we can embrace the use of technology to enliven and deepen our spiritual practices. Our weekly virtual events bring the DEVI LOKA experience right to your home, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to engage in spiritual practices wherever you are.

Included in the DEVI LOKA Core Subscription

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discussion hub
🔎 THE ESSENTIALS: Explore, connect, and grow. This is your hub for spiritual dialogue, introspection, community bonds, and diverse wisdom.
🎬 ENGAGED LEARNING: Start your spiritual journey, access key insights, revisit powerful teachings, and participate in LIVE* transformative events.
🎶 SUVANAM: Unite with soul-stirring music, daily spiritual news, and reflective wisdom for a deeper, harmonious spiritual experience.
DL_Icon_Ceremonies_Sacred Fire Ceremonies_Icon
🔥 SACRED FIRES: Enlightening resources, vibrant discussions, and LIVE* sacred fire ceremonies each month to ignite your spiritual transformation.
DL_Icon_Ceremonies_Baba Thursdays_Icon
💧HOLY WATERS: A blend of enriching knowledge, nurturing discussions, and LIVE* holy bath events for spiritual cleansing and renewal.
cindy (2)
🧭 GUIDE: CINDY: Walk with Cindy on ‘The Road to a Miraculous Life’, as she guides you through transformative practices for miraculous living.
lora (2)
🧭 GUIDE: SHAKTI – Embrace your true essence with Shakti, guiding you to ‘Feel Loved & Explore Who You Really Are’ through divine connection and beauty.
🧭 GUIDES: SHIVANI – Embark on ‘Your Healing Journey’ with Shivani, a path of nurturing and rediscovery to heal and empower your spirit.
🧭 GUIDE: SIVAPRIYA – Journey with Sivapriya in ‘Apprenticeship with the Divine’, an enlightening path to deepen your divine connection.
sri devi
🧭 GUIDE: SRI DEVI – In Sri Devi’s “Radiant Soul Healing’, navigate life’s transitions with expert, heart-centered guidance for profound spiritual and emotional growth.


We know that spiritual growth isn’t just about introspection—it’s also about expression.
That’s why our community values and encourages creative and artistic expressions. Whether it’s through poetry, song, or other forms of art, we believe in the power of creativity to enhance our spiritual experience
At DEVI LOKA, we recognize that knowledge and wisdom are vital for our spiritual journey. Our platform is a treasure trove of teachings and insights, quenching your thirst for understanding and enlightenment.

"❤️ You're like the wish fulfilling tree that overflows with Blessings. Infinite Love and Appreciation for everyone "

~ Jyoti B. Navaratri Program Participants, October 2023

"Namaste, heartfelt thanks 🙏for creating this great Devi Loka App."

~ Mechthild M. Navaratri Program Participants, October 2023

"Gratitude overflowing to Mataji, NityaanandaJi and RamakrisnaanandaJi for leading this incredible virtual retreat."

~ Vishvashanti B. Navaratri Program Participants, October 2023

"So grateful to join and celebrate with everyone. Thank you to the hosts for all the amazing shares, stories, dedication and love!"

~ Margaret C. Navaratri Program Participants, October 2023

"So grateful to have Devi Loka as a spiritual community! 🩷"

~ Sri Devi D. Navaratri Program Participants, October 2023

"Sincere gratitude for this forum. Thank you!! And may you all feel the Christ Light in your hearts. "

- Gisela E Real Life of Jesus 15-Day Virtual Retreat Participant

"I'm very grateful to have learned about this community and look forward to sharing its sacred energy with you all. I yearn to deepen my connection with this love. ❤️🙏"

- Francis C. Real Life of Jesus 15-Day Virtual Retreat Participant

"The knowledge coming out is so thrilling and I am feeling very blessed to be a part of this community now."

- Sri Devi D. Real Life of Jesus 15-Day Virtual Retreat Participant

"Namaste, I have tiny tears of emotion from members’ beautiful sharing, so much gratitude to experience this community."

- Adrienne M Real Life of Jesus 15-Day Virtual Retreat Participant

"My heart is being healed in ways I never thought was possible. Thank you, thank you."

- Courtney H. Real Life of Jesus 15-Day Virtual Retreat Participant

"SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL & DEEPLY MOVING!!!! I never imagined it would be this way. Had me in tears. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!🙏💗🙏"

- Isabel F. Real Life of Jesus 15-Day Virtual Retreat Participant


What is included in the DEVI LOKA Core Plan free trial?

During this two-week trial, you’ll have full access to our spiritual ceremonies, daily divine messages, exclusive healing music, and one-on-one mentoring. Experience the rich tapestry of heart and soul healing in our community.

How can I cancel my trial if I decide it's not right for me?

You can cancel your trial at any time within the two-week period through your account settings. You have complete control over your membership. If you would like to cancel your subscription, simply visit Personal Setting >> Your Plans & Purchases >> Click your subscription plan >> then click Cancel Subscription.

Will I be charged automatically after the trial period?

Yes, after the two-week trial, you will be automatically enrolled in the monthly DEVI LOKA Core Plan subscription. However, you can cancel at any time before the trial ends to avoid charges, and anytime after if you wish.

Is my credit card information secure with Devi Loka?

Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and security. Your credit card information is encrypted and securely processed, ensuring your details are protected.

How will the Core plan enhance my spiritual journey?

The DEVI LOKA Core Plan offers personalized mentoring, access to spiritual ceremonies, and daily wisdom, deepening your connection with the Divine Mother and supporting your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

How can I work with Mataji?

The Divine Feminine with Mataji is an exclusive woman-only space to learn, develop and deepen your relationship with the Divine Feminine under the guidance of Mataji. These private groups meet once a month to study and explore how to embody the Divine Feminine in your life. This space is dedicated to awakening this energy in their lives and in the world. Access to The Divine Feminine is available through DEVI LOKA Core PLUS subscription.

How can I work with Nityanandaji?

The Energy Healers Workshop with Nityanandaji focuses on in-depth teachings and practical applications of energy healing for students, teachers and practicing energy healers. Attend two weekly LIVE collaborative sessions with Nityanandaji! You will learn how to bring healing to your own life, how to assist others on their healing paths, and actively contribute to the creation of a more peaceful, loving, and enlightened world. Access to The Workshop is available through DEVI LOKA Core PLUS subscription.

How can I work with Ramakrishna?

The Path of the Yogi with Ramakrishna is an exclusive space for learning how to harness the power of yogic techniques to heal and transform your life. Attend weekly live satsangs and guided meditations with Ramakrishna! Ramakrishna introduces and discusses various aspects of spiritual life, realization, and enlightenment. Ask questions, receive guidance, and connect directly with members of the community. Access to The Path of the Yogi is available through DEVI LOKA Core PLUS subscription.

Why do I need to provide my credit card information for a free trial?

Your credit card information is required to ensure a seamless transition to the Core plan after your trial, should you choose to continue. Rest assured, no charges will be made during the trial period, and you have complete freedom to cancel anytime.

What happens to my access if I cancel during the trial?

If you cancel during the trial, your access to the DEVI LOKA Core Plan features will cease immediately. However, you can rejoin at any time to resume your spiritual journey with us.

What kind of support can I expect during the trial period?
Can I share my trial experience with friends or family?

While your trial access is personal to you, we encourage sharing your experiences with friends and family. They are welcome to start their own free trial to join the DEVI LOKA community.

Who are the spiritual leaders guiding the DEVI LOKA community?

DEVI LOKA is guided by Mataji, Nityanandaji (Clint Thompson, MD), and Ramakrishna, all of whom were trained by the modern-day miraculous saint, Sri Kaleshwar of Penukonda, India (1973-2012).

What distinguishes Devi Loka from other spiritual communities?

DEVI LOKA is a sanctuary dedicated to the awakening of shakti, the divine feminine energy. Our unique approach blends ancient wisdom with modern practices, fostering a community that values heartful exchanges and transformative spiritual experiences.

Will I have any to any of the senior teachers in the DEVI LOKA Core Plan?

Yes. Each month, Mataji, Nityanandaji and Ramakrishna have community-wide LIVE* satsangs in the DEVI LOKA Core community. Exclusive replay access to these LIVE* events is also available.

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