Find Your Joy Through "Embracing Happiness"

Saturday, January 20, 2023 • 3:00 PM Pacific • Zoom
This webinar is designed for those seeking to deepen their understanding of joy and well-being in life and spiritual knowing.

What You'll Discover

Whether you’re new to spiritual exploration or seeking to deepen your journey, this class offers valuable insights and techniques to help you embrace happiness in its fullest form.

🌺 Inner Peace and Balance: Learn techniques to cultivate inner calm and balance in your daily life, including elemental practices.

🌟 Spiritual Growth: Explore universal spiritual concepts about the nature of happiness.

🔥 Practical Approaches: Physical, emotional, and spiritual practices to enhance overall well-being.

💗 Community and Connection: Join a diverse group of like-minded individuals, each on their own path to happiness.

Cindy Lindsay, Ph.D., is a Master healer and teacher for the Divine Mother Center since 2015.


"Embracing Happiness" is more than a class; it's a gateway to a life filled with greater joy, understanding, and fulfillment.


“Thank You Cindy, loved your class, and started a block clearing mantra that afternoon.”

Chaise F.


“Dear Cindy, what you write makes me realize once again the role I play in, and not just in my family.”

Heidi W.


“Thank you very much Cindy! So helpful to have a mantra to help, much appreciated 🙏❤️.”

Mary O.


“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and healing experiences in your miraculous webinar on 9.12.”

Mechthild M.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Embracing Happiness” takes place in our online community, DEVI LOKA. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with instructions for how to join.

“Embracing Happiness” is a Zoom webinar. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to join our community, Devi Loka. Once inside Devi Loka, you will find the link to the Zoom webinar.

Yes! After the live webinar concludes, we will upload a replay for you to access.

If you are hoping to make your life more joyful and balanced, you will enjoy this webinar. You do not need any prior knowlege or experience to join us.

Start your journey towards a more joyful and balanced life.

Happiness awaits.