Purification of Family Karma Private Puja

We are affected not only by our current family’s karmas, but generations of family karmas. Although these karmas are not the result of our negative past actions, they still affect us. The energy from the traumas, tragedy, and negative patterns that have persisted for generations, continue and pass on to the future generation.
When we help purify our family’s karmas, it brings great relief, not only to them but to us. Healing family karma is liberating to your soul. It affects your entire life. Untangling karmic knots frees huge amounts of energy and helps dissolve the blocks in your way. This brings great relief to you and all those connected to you.
Private Sacred Fire Ceremony

How It Works

Any spiritual effort we make on behalf of our family lineage automatically helps their souls to heal and receive what they need on their soul journey, even after the have left their bodies. Any effort in the name of a departed soul, and especially parents after they have passed, benefits their souls and your soul. When your soul is liberated from karma, it helps liberate your parents and previous generations. When your Womb Chakra is purified, you automatically purify your mother’s and your family’s karmas.
A sacred fire ceremony will send a powerful dose of divine energy to support you in what you need most. You can design a fire ceremony to bless anything you need in your life including deepening your path to the Divine Mother. The stronger clarity and focus you have for what you are seeking the more successful the results will be.


Your 1-hour fire ceremony will be performed by Mataji and Nityanandaji, and comes with a private 30-minute video consultation and will be scheduled during your consultation.

Private Sacred Fire Ceremony


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Begin Your Consultation: After your dakshina is received, you will receive and email with a link to share your contact information, background, and availability for a 30-minute consultation. You will need a working video camera and access to Zoom for your personal consultation. There will be no audio-only calls for the session.
Participate Virtually: You will receive a Zoom link to participate in your fire ceremony. The date and time of your private 1-hour ceremony will be scheduled during your consultation, and will be streamed live for you and anyone you invite to join.

“The first thing you need to do is make your life comfortable and happy.

Make your family members happy, your children happy, and yourself happy.”
~ Sri Kaleshwar


About Giving Dakshina

According to the law of karma, karma siddhānta, an exchange is very important. Giving is necessary for receiving. Purifying family karma is a deeply powerful soul cycle fast-track and must be balanced in terms of what is being received and what is being given. For this reason, the energy exchange, the dakshina or cost, for the Purification of Family Karma Sacred Fire Ceremony spiritual process is significantly higher dakshina.

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of Family Karma Sacred Fire Ceremony

Kaleshwar Jayanti 2023 Sacred Fire Ceremony

Kaleshwar Jayanti 2023 Sacred Fire Ceremony

Give Additional Shenishwara Sacred Fire Ceremony Blessing Energy Transmissions

on Kaleshwar Jayanti 2023
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Soul healing ceremonies and other processes are spiritual in nature. The energy flows to where it is needed most and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Sacred Fire Ceremonies, Soul Healing, Teaching, and Spiritual Counseling work as a supplement or in addition to treatments and professional advice you have received or may seek in the future. By participating, you understand that no statement by a practitioner or spiritual process is intended as treatment or prescription for any disease or as a substitute for regular medical care by a qualified physician or therapist or a substitute for advice from a qualified attorney, accountant, or accountant financial advisor. Please read our full disclaimer here.