Kaleshwar Jayanti 2022

Special Soul Blessings for Kaleshwar Jayanti

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Connect to the Master Through a Holy Power Object Offered for Kaleshwar Jayanti 2022

Holy Power Objects directly charged by Sri Kaleshwar in his lifetime are available in honor of Kaleshwar Jayanti. Every power object from the master is a channel to the master and the Divine Mother. The energy inside a Holy Power Object cannot be overstated. These objects are increasingly rare and will someday soon be impossible to find.


“Whenever you want to connect, just meditate and whatever power object you received from your master, hold it, connect to him.”

– Sri Kaleshwar

Register for Special Energy Transmissions and Holy Power Objects

With your registration, you will receive a Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission personalized for your prayers and wishes during the Shenishwara Sacred Fire Ceremony on Kaleshwar Jayanti, January 8, 2022. Your name will be read out loud as a coconut is cracked and offered to the fire with your prayers while the sacred vibrations of the conch are sounded. Details on how to give your personal blessing request in your Divine Mother Center Account will follow registration.


FRI, JANUARY 7, 2022 • 6pm PT / 9pm EST

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