NAVARATRI VIRTUAL RETREAT Day 10: October 24, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Maheshwari Yoga Initiation.
Channel to the Divine Mother.

What is the Maheshwari Yoga Process Initiation?

The Maheshwari Yoga Process is a top of the spiritual mountain initiation that connects you with Mother Divine in a very beautiful peaceful form and have Her dashan (see and interact with Her in physical form). Offered for the first time as a distance shaktipat initiation, this opportunity is available only to registered Navaratri 2023 Retreat members.

Profound wisdom. Life-changing experiences.

If you’re just beginning, already received the
Maheshwari Initiation or already connected, you can receive this powerful extraordinary shatkipat again.

This process was given in direct revelation by the Divine Mother thousands of years ago and was written in the Parameshwari Yoga palm leaf manuscript.
Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Adi Shankaracharya and many other saints and maharshis practiced the Maheshwari Yoga energy formula.
The Maheshwari prayer has the power to transform destruction and chaos, especially in dire situations and can reverse the destruction when it is happening. It can save your life. It can save the lives of the people around you too. It is a very powerful prayer to do when you are at fire ceremonies (pujas).

Receive the initiation.

10 days to deepen your connection.


The Maheshwari Yoga Process Initiation energy transmissions is by Mataji and Nityanandaji (Clint Thompson, MD). For fifteen years, they lived with and were trained by the modern day miraculous saint, Sri Kaleshwar(1973-2012) of Penukonda, India.

Sri Kaleshwar passed on to them the authority and knowledge of ancient spiritual techniques for generating and transferring divine power – the Mother’s shakti – or Holy Spirit. This knowledge shows how to release negative energies (karmas) through sacred fire ceremonies, while at the same time, manifesting new positive energies (karmas) in any person’s life.

Over 150 people who were initialed into this process by Mataji and Nityanandaji received the top of the mountain experience: darshan of Mother Divine.

The Maheshwari Yoga Process Involves

  • SHAKTIPAT ENERGY TRANSMISSION: This energy transmission charges your chakras, the energy centers your body, removing karmic blocks and preparing your energy to charge this process.
    • Mantra: LEARN THE MAHESHWARI PRAYER. Dive into the background, prayers, and guidelines for charging the process.
    • Yantra: LEARN HOW TO DRAW A YANTRA and create your own Structure of the Shiva Lingam Yantra’ on coper metal. This yantra connects your soul to the Divine Father to bring balance and calm, and to help you integrate or digest the Divine Mother’s cosmic energy into your energy.
  • PRACTICE & TRANSFORM: Engage actively with the mantra for about 10 minutes a day for series of 108 days. Get ready to immerse yourself in the experience of Mother Divine darshan.
  • Invitation to a PERSONAL PROCESS GROUP WITH MATAJI: This initiation comes with an exclusive opportunity to join the Maheshwari Process Group led by Mataji here in Devi Loka. Details how to subscribe and join will follow by email shortly after the Initiation.

The Maheshwari Yoga Process
is Needed in the World

Spiritual energy is the only energy that will help with the world’s issues.

Benefits of the Maheshwari Yoga Process



You can channel the Divine Mother’s peaceful loving energy to calm down the violence in the world around you.
You can pull the gentle, peaceful, smiling forms of Mother Divine – Maheshwari, Purandeshwari or Mohini – in front of you and have darshan and conversation with Her in physical form.
You are protected even if disasters are happening around you.
You can purify any block (negative tendency), karma, or negative energy you are carrying. This is especially important for men to help remove strange kama (desire, often sexual) tendencies and kama obsessions.
You can protect yourself from any kind of negative energy hitting you.
You can protect the people around you, especially in disaster situations.
You can call on the Mother to change what is happening in the present moment to protect.
You can call on the Mother to change some negative incident that has already happened (in the past).
It will especially help girls and young women who start this prayer before the onset of their first menses. It will give the strongest foundation to their life and protect them from many negative influences, giving them confidence, happiness and inner peace.

The Maheshwari Initiation is for you.




What Is Included:

  • Distance Shaktipat Energy Transmission initiating you into this ancient yoga.
  • GEMSTONE POWER OBJECT CHARGED BY SRI KALESHWAR in his lifetime. This loose gemstone can be made into jewelry, worn in a pouch or used for healing. Every power object is a channel to the Divine Mother and the divine soul that charged it.
  • Complete Maheshwari Yoga Package Online Courses – Two self-paced courses in our Divine Mother school  to learn the Maheshwari prayer, step-by-step instructions to draw the Shiva Lingam Yantra  and more.


What is the significance of the Navaratri retreat?

Navaratri is a sacred period dedicated to the Divine Mother. This retreat offers a transformative journey, connecting participants with the Divine Mother’s energy, providing relief from challenges, and offering opportunities for peak spiritual experiences and understanding how to connect yourself.

How can I access the live events of the retreat?

All registered participants can experience the Navaratri Virtual Retreat through the new Devi Loka app on their personal devices or browsers.

What is the cost of the complete Navaratri package?

The Ultimate Connection Navaratri Online Retreat is available at a special launch price of $306, discounted from the original price of $1,008.

What is the Devi Loka app?

The Devi Loka app brings together spiritual women and men in a dynamic virtual community, uniting the wisdom of heart and soul. The Ultimate Spiritual Connection Navaratri 2023 Virtual Retreat is hosted inside the app.

Can I attend only specific parts of the retreat?

Yes, you are free to participate and watch whatever you like. We recommend participating in as many of the guided mediations, satsangs, and ceremony experiences you can.You have the flexibility to choose specific sessions or ceremonies you wish to join.

How will my privacy be ensured during the online sessions?

Devi Loka and our host Mighty Network, take data security very seriously. Mighty’s software engineers complete regular API and code reviews to address security issues upfront. A complete list of Mighty’s privacy policies can be found at https://www.mightynetworks.com/policies.

What is the significance of the Navaratri dates?

Navaratri is observed for nine nights and ten days beginning upon the full moon, autumnal equinox. On the tenth day, Vijayadasami, a day of victory is celebrated.

Can I invite friends or family to join the retreat?

Absolutely! We encourage participants to invite loved ones to share in this transformative experience.

What languages will the retreat be conducted in?

The retreat will be in English.

How can I prepare myself for the retreat?

Prior to the retreat, free up your schedule as much as possible to participate in live events. Give priority to the aspects of your life which support powerful inner work and peak spiritual experiences.

What payment methods are accepted for registration?

Most credit cards and PayPal are accepted, depending on country of residence.

Can I get a certificate of participation after the retreat?


Will the sessions be recorded for later viewing?

Yes, most sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants for a limited time.

Who are the spiritual leaders guiding this retreat?

The retreat will be guided by Mataji, Nityanandaji (Clint Thompson, MD), and Ramakrishna, all of whom were trained by the modern-day miraculous saint, Sri Kaleshwar of Penukonda, India (1973-2012).

Are there any on-site opportunities available?

Yes, by registering for the Navaratri Virtual Retreat, you gain access to on-site opportunities at both the Divine Mother Center in Laytonville, CA and the Paramashiva Yoga Center in Blanco, TX. For more information contact us at hello@divinemothercenter.org and blessings@paramashiva.org

How can I register for the Navaratri Virtual Retreat program?

You can register for the Navaratri Virtual Retreat program program by clicking on the “GET MY TICKET” button on the website.

Will there be any technical support available during the retreat?

Yes, our team will provide technical support throughout the retreat to ensure a seamless experience for all participants.

Are there any prerequisites or prior experience required to join the retreat?

No prior experience is required. The retreat is designed for both beginners and seasoned spiritual practitioners.

Is there a refund policy in case I cannot attend after registering?

There are no refunds after the time off ticket sale.

Will there be any follow-up sessions or support after the retreat?

Yes, the Navaratri Virtual Retreat in the Devi Loka app launches the online spiritual community dedicated to the Divine Mother. All registered ticket holders will receive promotional consideration when the app opens in November.

How do the on-site opportunities work in terms of COVID-19 safety?

We prioritize the safety of our participants. All on-site activities will adhere to generally recommended health and safety guidelines.

Are there any group discounts available?


How can I provide feedback or suggestions after the retreat?

We value participant feedback. After the retreat, you can write to us at devi-loka@divinemothercenter.org.

What is the significance of the sacred fire ceremonies?

Sacred fire ceremonies, or pujas, are ancient rituals to send and receive divine blessings, raise your vibrations, and manifest what you need.

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

The retreat is open to everyone 18 and older.

What is the song playing in the video above?

‘Jai Ganesha’ by Suvanam. Visit Suvanam’s website to purchase and download the song HERE.

The Maheshwari Yoga
Initiation Package

This Navaratri Special $108 + shipping and handling for the gemstone power object.

Receive the initiation.

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