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Join our 13-day Virtual Navaratri Online Meditation Program
Friday, September 23 – Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Navaratri is a nine-day festival celebrating the Divine Mother in Her many forms. These nine sacred days are dedicated to honoring the Divine Mother and connecting with Her to receive Her energy and love. Her energy is so powerfully available during this auspicious time! As we gather in sacred ceremony, meditation, and celebration, we’ll experience Her miracle energy and celebrate Her infinite blessings. We will open our hearts to have a new experience of the Divine Mother’s miracle energy in our lives because She is the miracle that creates and manifests this whole creation.

We can experience the Divine Mother’s energy by deepening our understanding of the Divine Feminine within us and around us, and through this understanding, She brings us the ultimate knowledge of who we are. She completely purifies and transforms us into divine beings, so we can live happy, productive, and prosperous lives. We can experience Her energy in our lives now, right where we are, and we can have a true connection with Her so that our souls can become happy and we can thrive. When we become connected and know we can communicate with Her, that is the most precious experience we can have.

“As we walk with Mother and bring Her into our body, step by step She is awakening each energy center. All of our chakras are shaktipeets where She resides.  The more we take Her in, the more we become like Her.” 
– Mataji

This online meditation program is held in the Divine Mother School.
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• 11 live, virtual sacred fire ceremonies to connect to the Divine Mother
• 11 personal blessing energy (shakti) transmissions to connect to the Divine Mother
• 1 live satsang with Mataji & Nityanandaji
• 1 live Question & Answer Satsang with Mataji & Nityanandaji
• Special teachings from Mataji to be added to your curriculum
• Daily mantra meditation process (10+ minutes a day) to connect to the Divine Mother
• Includes Vijayadasami, Navaratri Day 10, energy transmissions and events (October 5, 2022)


• What is the Divine Feminine
• Who is the Divine Mother
• Why the World Needs to Awaken to the Divine Feminine
• Why the World Needs to Know the Divine Mother Now
• Why Worship the Divine Mother
• She is the Miracle Energy
• How to Connect to the Divine Mother

Each day brings a new opportunity to deepen your process. Join daily meditations and live, virtual sacred fire ceremonies, as well as a satsang and a community question & answer session. Download the Navaratri 2022 schedule below and we look forward to seeing you in the energy!


In times of destruction and change, the Divine Mother births a new creation. She comes in the darkest times and brings healing and harmony. As She restores balance, She will awaken a new consciousness in the world. We desperately need Her unconditional love, heart energy, nourishment, care and protection now! Her energy manifested in each one of us can heal and change the planet. We can experience the miracle of Her because She is the miracle. We can birth a new age of pure love on this planet through the miracle energy of the Divine Mother.



Celebrate the Victory of the Light

Vijayadasami is the 10th day of Navaratri. It is the day the Divine Mother brings light and victory to our lives and bring healing to a suffering world. It is also the lunar anniversary when the great saint Shirdi Sai Baba left his body (mahasamadhi). Vijayadasami is a special time because it is on this day that he merged with Kanaka Durga, the peaceful form of the Divine Mother.  These anniversaries are powerful cosmic openings to connect with Baba and the Divine Mother.

On this special day, we open hearts with gratitude and praise Baba, the beloved grandfather of all, for his constant love and care in our lives. When we take one step to Baba we receive ninety-nine steps of deep healing and profound blessings back from Baba and the Divine Mother!


• 6:00 am – 8:00 am – Maha Baba Abishek (Holy Bath)

• 9:30 – 10:30 am: Vijayadasami Healing Music (bhajans) Concert with Prakasha

• 11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Vijayadasami Sacred Fire Ceremony



Special Blessing Energy transmissions connecting to Shirdi Baba and Coconut Blessings will be also be available for Vijayadasami. Offer blessings for loved ones and as many additional coconuts to the Divine Mother and to Shirdi Baba as you like on with your prayers during the Vijayadasami Sacred Fire Ceremony, broadcast live on October 5, 2022. More information coming soon!

One coconut and blessing energy transmission on Vijayadasami is included in the Navaratri program.

“The Shiva/Shakti energy is a key to a new creation. On Vijayadasami we always remember Shirdi Baba and the Divine Mother together and experience them together.”
– Mataji


Join the 13-Day Virtual Navaratri & Vijayadasami Program

Connect to the Divine Mother’s energy to experience Her bliss, love, protection, and nourishment. To receive Her energy and Her blessing is the most transformative experience that we can have!

This online meditation program is held in the Divine Mother School.
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To receive special blessing energy transmissions and power objects, select your quantity for the blessings below and scroll down to proceed to check out. Special blessings and power objects can be given as gifts! The energy transmission for all special blessings and power objects featured for Navaratri will be on the ninth day of Navaratri, October 4, 2022. You will receive an email after you checkout with instructions for how to submit your prayers.

Deadline to Register:
October 3, 2022 • 6 pm Pacific/ 9 pm Eastern

Navaratri 2023: Mother Divine Is Calling

Navaratri 2023: Mother Divine Is Calling

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Mega Maha Lakshmi Sacred Fire Ceremony for Prosperity and Business Success

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