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Womb Chakra Healing Energy Transmission

Womb Chakra Healing Energy Transmission

Womb Chakra Healing Energy Transmission

The most powerful chakra is the womb chakra. This chakra is beyond all chakras and is a direct link to Divine Mother’s creation capacity.   

Your creative capacity is extraordinary when your womb chakra is healthy and purified.  Purifying and healing the womb chakra clears karmas from heartbreak especially relationship karmas created with intimate partners that is still affecting on our life.


All karmas are stored in the Womb Chakra, and we can heal our relationships and the negative effects from them by healing the Womb Chakra. When your womb chakra is purified you can deeply connect to the divine feminine energy within you for healing your life, family and community. The benefits of healing and purifying the womb chakra include:


  • Healing Heartbreak and Stuck Energy from Past Relationships, Clearing and Transforming Negative Patterns
  • Attracting the Right Soul Relationships and Your Soul Mate
  • Living Your Soul Purpose
  • Deepening Your Relationship with Your Mother and Healing Your Ancestry 
  • Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires and Expressing Your Creativity, Passions, and Gifts
  • Being a Blessing of Divine Love for Others


This blessing transmission will support the womb chakra purification process for any woman of any age.  Your Womb Chakra Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission will during the upcoming Sacred Fire Ceremony. Details on how to participate and give your prayer will follow after registration.

Price: $399.00