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Navaratri & Vijayadasami Celebration Package - Scholarship

Navaratri & Vijayadasami Celebration Package - Scholarship

Experience The Glory of the Divine Feminine
Navaratri 2021 |  Scholarship 

We invite you to join the Navaratri and Vijayadasami 2021 program on Scholarship. During the Nine days of Navaratri you can easily experience the Divine Mother by opening your heart, thinking of Her, and joyfully celebrating the infinite blessings and miraculous energy flowing from Her! 

The Complete Navaratri Package Includes:

9 global meditations to invoke the Divine Mother’s shakti

9 live virtual sacred fire ceremonies to connect to the Divine Mother

9 new live teachings from Mataji 

10 personal blessing energy (shakti) transmissions to connect to the Divine Mother

2 virtual healing music (bhajan) concerts

Sri Chakra Kum Kum Abishek and Meditation (via Zoom)

Sri Chakra Yantra Meditation (via Zoom)

Sunrise Maha (Grand) Holy Bath (Abishek) to Shirdi Baba

1 Day of Victory, Vijayadasami, Sacred Fire Ceremony

1 live Vijadasami satsang with Mataji and Nityananadji (via Zoom)

Fire ceremonies have been performed since the beginning of time to mark all stages of transformation and life, solve problems, and fulfill desires. The positive energy created during the Navaratri Sacred Fire Ceremonies are rejuvenating and revitalizing the entire creation, at a personal, communal, and cosmic level. You can talk to the Divine Mother through the fire. Call Her to receive Her gifts.

You will receive a Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission personalized for your prayers and wishes during all Nine Navaratri Sacred Fire Ceremonies (or starting when you join) and Day 10, the Day of Victory, Vijayadasami. Your name will be read out loud as a coconut is cracked and offered to the fire with your payers while the sacred vibrations of the conch are sounded. (One coconut and one name will be read aloud per registration.) A packet of Kum Kum charged during the Sri Chakra Kum Kum Abishek and a package of sugar charged during the Sri Chakra Yantra meditation will be mailed after registration. You will receive an email after you register with details on how to join all of the events, a link to use to submit your personal prayer/sankalpam to the Divine Mother, and how to access the meditation instructions and course materials. 

The deadline to register and submit your prayer request is 6 pm Pacific the night before the ceremony. 

Dakshina: $399 + Shipping and Handling 

Scholarship Amount: $54 + Shipping and Handling 

Price: $54.00