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Ask Baba's Blessing for a Specific Desire, $108

Ask Baba's Blessing for a Specific Desire, $108

Receive Shirdi Baba's Blessing for a Specific Desire

Baba is always looking out for us, pro­tect­ing us, guid­ing and lov­ing us. With Baba's grace anything is possible. He is the supreme miracle master and Bhola Shankara, he grants the wish of anyone who thinks on him or calls his name. Baba's treasury is full and he can give anything to anyone. All we have to do is ask with a pure heart. He said he would go to any length across the seven seas to take care and fulfill the desires of his devotees. Cast your prob­lems to Baba; he will take care. 

With this Special Blessing, you will receive a Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission personalized for your prayers and wishes during the upcoming Sacred Fire Ceremony. Your name will be read out loud as a coconut is cracked and offered to the fire with your payers while the sacred vibrations of the conch are sounded. Details on how to participate and give your prayer/sankalpam will follow registration.

About Giving Dakshina and the Different Dakshina Amounts: 

According to the law of karma, karma siddhanta, an exchange is very important. Giving is necessary for receiving. There are different dakshina options because each person's needs are different. Your donation for this spiritual process should be an accurate reflection of what you are asking to receive.

Price: $108.00