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Purification of Family Karma Private Sacred Fire Ceremony

Purification of Family Karma Private Sacred Fire Ceremony

Purification of Family Karma Special Blessing Transmission

Private Sacred Fire Ceremony
Heal your family's future and past generations with this Special Energy Transmission. To heal family karma, the soul needs to receive a powerful dose of divine energy to purify and remove the patterns. One of the fastest ways to achieve this is through the Shakti Energy Channels and a Sacred Fire Ceremony. 

Healing family karma is liberating to your soul. We are affected not only by our current family's karmas, but generations of family karmas. The energy from the traumas, tragedy, and negative patterns that have persisted for generations, continue and pass on to the future generation. 

Untangling karmic knots frees huge amounts of energy, and this brings great relief to you and all those connected to you. Any spiritual efforts we take on behalf of our family lineage automatically helps their souls to heal and receive what they need on their soul journey, even after they are no longer living. When we do any effort in the name of the departed soul, and especially our parents after they have died - it benefits their soul and your soul. 

Your 1-hour private ceremony includes a 30-minute private consultation with Mataji and Nityananadji, who will highly personalize your ceremony for the blessing you want to give and receive.  

After your registration, you will receive and email with a link to share your contact information, background, and availability for a 30-minute consultation. You will need a working video camera and access to Zoom for your personal consultation. There will be no audio-only calls for the session. The date and time of your private 1-hour ceremony which will be scheduled during your consultation, which will be streamed live for you and anyone you invite to join.

Price: $5,000.00