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Purification of Heartbreak and Depression

Purification of Heartbreak and Depression

Purification of Heartbreak and Depression
Being happy is your birthright. Far too many people in the world today are suffering from heartbreak and depression. These beautiful souls need to recharge their soul battery' with spiritual energy. The best medicine for the soul is God's energy, the cosmic energy. This special ceremony gives a transmission of shakti energy to awaken a spark of energy in your soul that it will use to activate your own self-healing. 

You will be able to personalize your Blessing Energy Transmission for your specific need and will receive your transmission during the next Sacred Fire Ceremony after you register. Details on how to participate and give your prayer will follow registration.

Disclaimer: Soul healing ceremonies and other processes are spiritual in nature. The energy flows to where it is needed most and specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Sacred Fire Ceremonies, Soul Healing, Teaching, and Spiritual Counseling work as a supplement or in addition to treatments and professional advice you have received or may seek in the future. By participating, you understand that no statement by a practitioner or spiritual process is intended as treatment or prescription for any disease or as a substitute for regular medical care by a qualified physician or therapist or a substitute for advice from a qualified attorney, accountant, or accountant financial advisor. 

Price: $504.00