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Developing My Relationship with the Master, $1008

Developing My Relationship with the Master, $1008

Developing My Relationship with the Master

The Divine Mother sends a divine soul, a master of consciousness, to help us in journey back to Her. The master student relationship is the most amazing relationship; it is immortal. The master's true happiness is the student's happiness, and she is always protecting and helping the student until he reaches his destiny. 

Sri Kaleshwar said, "You think only sometimes about your master, but the master is always following you whatever you are doing. My sincere advice, one time in your life, hook the master with your love, with your attention, and keep that regard, keep that relationship and make it continue in your soul until to your last breath. It's very, very important. If you keep that thankful nature to your next life you're gaining huge positive energy." 

Develop your relationship with the master with this Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission. You will be able to personalize the transmission for your prayers and wishes to the divine soul you choose during the next Sacred Fire Ceremony. Details on how to participate and give your prayer/sankalpam will follow registration.

About Giving Dakshina: According to the law of karma, karma siddhanta, an exchange is very important. To receive, we must first give. Dakshina, or the act of offering, is not merely a transaction; it's a profound gesture of thankfulness and intent, paving the way for the flow of spiritual blessings. This divine exchange is available with different dakshina options for these special blessings because each person's needs are different. Your donation for this sacred process should mirror the depth of blessings you seek to invite into your life.

Price: $1,008.00