Praying in the Name of ‘Jesus’ Connects to Goddess Energy

Praying in the Name of ‘Jesus’ Connects to Goddess Energy

Spiritual Mechanism of the Name ‘Jesus’ Discovered in Ancient Indian Manuscript
A groundbreaking discovery in ancient Indian palm leaf manuscripts has shed new light on the name ‘Jesus’, suggesting a profound spiritual significance far beyond what has been commonly understood. The book,”The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ,” by Sri Sai Kaleshwar of Penukonda, India (1973-2012) reveals this remarkable ancient evidence, declaring that the name ‘Jesus’ was given as both an acknowledgment of his supreme connection with the Goddess, Mother Divine, as well as a vibrational formula that connects anyone who says ‘Jesus’ directly with the Divine Mother’s miraculous energy.

Sri Kaleshwar, center, teaching from the Parameshwari Yoga palm leaf manuscript, 2007 Penukonda, India (also shown Nityanandaji, left, and Patrick Huffman, right)

The Palm Leaf Evidence
The ancient palm leaf manuscript at the heart of this claim is called the Parameshwari Yoga manuscript. One leaf of this manuscript has been carbon dated to be between 1700 and 2200 years old. On leaves 3 and 4 is a yantra of the Divine Mother opening Her chakras to reveal the vibrational codes to connect to and channel Her miraculous energy. 
The name ‘Jesus’ iis written n ancient script written across the Goddess’ face. This evidence of the source of the name ‘Jesus’ is found at Her third eye (jee), left forehead (sa), and nose (s), where these syllables ‘jee’, ‘sa’, and ‘s’, spell out the sound, ‘Jesus’. Sri Kaleshwar explicitly invites experts in the ancient languages of Telugu and Sanskrit to examine these ancient leafs, emphasizing their authenticity and the impossibility of the manuscript being a recent creation.
The Vibrational Formula of ‘Jesus’
In this ancient Indian manuscript, the syllables forming the name ‘Jesus’ create a ‘bijakshara’ (1), a vibrational formula, akin to a mantra. Speaking a bijakshara is a vibrational tool that opens an energy channel to the Goddess’ blessing and nourishing energies. Mantras are prayers that use bijaksharas to establish a direct, personal energy connection. 
This evidence suggests the name ‘Jesus’ not just as an identity but was given to his students and to the world as a literal linking mechanism, a potent spiritual tool allowing anyone to receive help by calling on Jesus. Praying in the name of Jesus is actually calling upon the Goddess, Mother Divine, the creator and source of all.
Jesus’ Study in India and Connection to Ancient Knowledge
This revelation is powerful proof of Jesus’ study of and connection to the knowledge of the ancient Indian tradition contained in the Parameshwari Yoga palm lseaf manuscript. It provides real evidence that the root of Jesus’ teachings and spiritual practices was deeply influenced by this profound wisdom. In this light the  name, ‘Jesus’ itself is a testament to that greatest of yogi’s spiritual journey and awakening in India.

The Impact of This Discovery

The discovery of Jesus’ name in these ancient manuscripts challenges conventional narratives about his life and teachings. It bridges Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, offering a new perspective on Jesus’ connection with God through the Divine Mother as his source for divine blessings, healings and protecting energies to all who pray in his name.
Sri Kaleshwar’s revelation in the first chapter of his book, ‘The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ’, marks a significant development in understanding the spiritual significance of Jesus Christ. By presenting the name ‘Jesus’ as an ancient mantra embedded in Indian scriptures, Sri Kaleshwar offers a unique and profound insight into Jesus’ spiritual lineage and points to a hidden truth explaining the miracles in his name that continue to this day- the divine feminine power of God, Mother Divine. This discovery invites a reexamination of spiritual history, and encourages a deeper exploration of the true nature of Jesus Christ’s universal messages.

(1) bijas, bijaksharas: Literally, ‘seed (bija) letter (akshara).’ Powerful seed vibrations that hold divine shakti; they are key words in mantras for opening the Divine Mother’s cosmic energy channels.

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