A Revolution of Inner Peace

Bringing Jesus' Energy In You

Easter Full Moon Online Shakti-Energy Meditation Process
April 14 – April 17, 2022

We need to start a revolution of inner peace. Each person is responsible to create peace. Each person must contribute. It is the solution we need to the problems we face.
– Mataji

The reality of this time is we need peace more than ever. Our inner life is so important. We need to create peace within ourselves to create peace in the world. When we have inner peace, we feel nourished, and we become vessels of empathy, wisdom, compassion and love. We can control the ups and downs of our mind and we have the capacity to adjust to whatever is happening.  The power of peace is that it heals every problem.

A Revolution of Inner Peace starts inside of each of us.  Even a small shift in being more peaceful has a positive ripple effect, creating more peace around the world. This Easter, we are connecting to Jesus, the Prince of Peace. He could handle any negativity, any reaction calmly, with love and divine power. Jesus wanted us to become greater than him and to call on him to help create the greatest peace within us.

This Easter is also a Full Moon and the Revolution of Inner Peace meditation program is filled with blessing energy (shakti) transmissions, sacred fire ceremonies, bhajans, and a live group meditation to support growing the silence within you.

Join us during this holy time of Easter as we turn to Jesus to bring his energy and peace into us more deeply than ever before in the 4-day meditation program, Thursday, April 14 – Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022.

EASTER 2022 is offered in the Divine Mother School.


Bringing Jesus' Energy In You

THURS, APRIL 14, 2022 –  SUN, APRIL 17, 2022

In this time of negativity and conflict, it’s revolutionary to be peaceful. This Easter we will connect to Jesus’ energy together, giving attention and priority to creating peace in ourselves and the world. Join us for a LIVE satsang with Mataji & Nityanandaji, a daily mantra meditation you can do any time of day, a live group evening meditation, healing music, and blessing energy transmissions during all of our Full Moon sacred fire ceremonies and holy baths (abisheks).



The Power of Peace

The Prince of Peace

Jesus is a person of pure, unconditional love and His love and inner peace are unshakable.  It is Jesus’ mission and desire for you to embody this peace too. Jesus awakens our divine consciousness, our access to the silence, by merging with our souls. His peace becomes your peace. Jesus’ soul energy continually lifts you up in your daily life.

Our Job:
Creating Peace In Ourselves and the World

Positivity will triumph over negativity as we develop inner peace.  It is so essential for the health and well-being of the planet for us to focus on peace. This is our most important work as humans. When we develop deep, inner peace, the strength of our silence energy grows and positively effects everyone around us. Someone with such depth of inner silence, can melt the heart of another acting cruel to be loving and sympathetic.


“In the world today, we are seeing inner violence in people’s behavior and relationships, by not being able to control their emotions and behavior.  People are being triggered to react by every slight incident.  With the reality of life in the last few years, all the world has suffered, we can understand how hard it to handle these feelings and unresolved pain unless we decharge these feelings, release them, let them go and return to a state of calm, inner peace. Without tools, without knowing how to handle your inner landscape, your mind, emotions, without knowing how to change this energy, we can understand people acting out that way.” – Mataji


Peace Comes from the Silence

You develop inner peace by growing the silence energy. Meditation is the most powerful tool for quieting the mind, leading you to develop deeper levels of silence. The ability to pause and maintain your peaceful vibrations, and not become out of balance, comes from holding inner silence. If you have a shaky mind, your response to conflict and friction will bring negativity and frustration in your life. When you operate from peace, your energy and emotions stay in balance in the face of any negativity.

Confidence Comes from the Silence

To create self-confidence, we need to practice being in silence.  When you have peace and silence in your heart, you trust yourself.  It’s the silence within you that grows your confidence. As you develop more silence, your intentions (sankalpams) have more power and manifest.

As you grow your capacity to control your reactions, and handle negativity directed to you, you will bring more peace to the world around you.

Brilliance Comes from the Silence

“The most brilliant people have the ability to maintain their inner peace no matter what is going on around them.  They can hear the voice of their soul giving the right direction to take at the right time to get success. When you have huge peace in your life, automatically you can develop intelligence and brilliance. You can recognize yourself and who you are. You can hear God’s messages in the silence. Then your soul teaches you in the silence. Your heart automatically makes you get a lot of information, beautiful thoughts, and beautiful energy.” – Sri Kaleshwar

“Your soul teaches you in the silence. Your heart automatically makes you get a lot of information, beautiful thoughts, and beautiful energy.” – Sri Kaleshwar
The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ
by Sri Kaleshwar

As a bonus, we are offering a PDF download in this course!

Invite Jesus’ divine energy into your heart and
soul and experience more inner peace today.

The Easter 2022 program is offered in our Divine Mother School.
Last day to register: 6 pm pacific on April 16, 2022

Special Blessings and Power Objects

Special Blessings & Power Objects

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You will receive a Blessing Energy (Shakti) Transmission for your personal prayer during the Easter Sunday, Sacred Fire Ceremony on April 17, 2022 from 11 am – 12  pm PST/2 -3 pm EST. Details on how to give your personal blessing request will follow registration.

Last day to register for A Revolution of Inner Peace, Special Blessings and Power Objects:  6 pm pacific on April 16, 2022.


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