The Energy We Must Remember: Divine Feminine Power

The Energy We Must Remember: Divine Feminine Power For Today’s World

“My experiences and understanding of the Divine Mother continues to grow deeper and deeper during Navaratri. I have been able to understand more clearly the different aspects of the Divine Mother yet also see Her as One with them. My heart is greatly expanding with gratitude to all who are collaborating wherever they are during the online Navaratri program days and beyond bringing Light to the world through the unity of our Consciousness.”  ~Janice, Paso Robles. California

Intricate mandala design symbolizing the Divine Feminine energy and spiritual awakening through meditation.
Interconnectedness of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies in bringing peace and harmony to the world, emphasizing the role of both women and men in the spiritual awakening process.

Rebalancing Energies: The Role of the Divine Feminine

In the rapid pace and complexity of modern life, we often lose sight of the fundamental balance of energies that govern our universe. One such overlooked yet crucial energy is Divine Feminine energy, shakti, the Divine Mother. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of our everyday existence, many of us have become disconnected from the universal maternal force.

The Divine Feminine: A Universal Energy

The Divine Feminine is not a concept confined to women alone. Each one of us, regardless of gender, carries within the spark of this sacred feminine energy. Recognizing this universal truth is instrumental in restoring equilibrium in today’s troubled world, which seems to be increasingly leaning towards masculine energy.

The Divine Mother: A Perpetual Source of Creation and Growth

The Divine Feminine is a vital catalyst for spiritual awakening. This ancient energy, the Divine Mother, is the driving force behind all creation and growth, akin to a mother giving birth. The Divine Mother is continuously giving birth to our creation. By consciously connecting with this ever-flowing creative energy, we unlock a profound source of wisdom, love, and resilience that can guide and support us through the challenges of life.

Every Women’s Sacred Power

The importance of the Divine Feminine is particularly pronounced for women. Their wombs, the cradle of life, echo the Divine Mother’s creative process. Everything springs from Divine Feminine power. It is important to understand, too, that Divine Feminine energy is not exclusive to women. Its awakening is equally vital in men, making it the truly universal force for global transformation. Women are the natural leaders and the key for global transformation, because all women embody the Divine Mother’s miraculous divine feminine energy.

The Divine Feminine in Everyday Life

So, how does one awaken Divine Feminine energy, shankti, within? The journey begins with self-awareness. Recognizing the presence of this transformative power in every woman and girl is a life changing realization. In our quest for progress, we must remember that the Divine Feminine is a sacred energy to be respected and revered. It is a compassionate, nurturing, and creative power that can bring about healing and transformation when acknowledged and embraced. The Divine Mother’s energy and blessings are essential for our spiritual awakening. When we connect with this energy, we tap into a powerful source of wisdom, love, and inner strength. This awareness, coupled with meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices, helps nurture a deeper bond with this divine energy.

The Divine Mother Center: Gateway to Understanding the Divine Feminine

For those who wish to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother Center offers a wealth of resources. The Center offers a safe space for women and men to explore and understand the Divine Feminine power within them. From in-depth teachings to opportunities to directly experience the Divine Mother’s energy, the Center provides a supportive and inclusive virtual online community for spiritual growth. It serves as a lighthouse showing the way for those seeking to deepen their connection with the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine: A Pathway to Love, Compassion, and Creativity

The Divine Feminine is not just a concept or a theoretical construct. It’s a living energy that permeates the universe and our very beings. By recognizing and embracing the power of the Divine Feminine, we open ourselves to a world of love, compassion, creativity, and spiritual enlightenment. The power of the Divine Feminine energy is the source of everything. It is time to awaken to the Divine Mother’s love and blessings, and experience Her divine presence in our lives.
“Logging into the virtual sacred fire ceremonies feels like taking a deep breath. The energy transmissions are regenerative, soul soothing and potent. Exchanging energies with my soul family from wherever I am in the world makes me feel connected and at peace. The healing experienced during a ceremony has a ripple effect that carries on long afterwards, and for all that I am very grateful.” 

~ Mara Schachter, Intuitive & Healer, Toronto, Canada

Connect with the Divine Feminine this October, 2023

The Divine Mother Center invites you to join this year’s Navaratri Virtual Retreat. Starting on Sunday, October 15th and running through Tuesday, October 24, 2023, for 10 consecutive days the center will broadcast live teachings and sacred rituals connecting to our Divine Mother and her Divine Power.