Aadi Amavasya: New Moon Ritual for Ancestral Healing

Aadi Amavasya: New Moon Ritual for Ancestral Healing

Manifest Your Dreams with Full Moon Ceremonies

“The Divine Mother Center’s Fire Ceremonies have helped our lives with karma troubles, difficulties, and heartbreak. We were helped and cured mentally and physically by Fire Ceremonies, your prayers, and sincere devotion. You helped us a lot!”
Yumiko Nagoya,

From New Moon to New Beginnings:

On August 15, 2023, a unique spiritual event, Aadi Amavasya, offers a powerful opportunity to connect with your roots and invite abundant blessings into your life. This New Moon day, celebrated in the Hindu tradition, is one of the three most potent days for performing ancestral rituals. This is a powerful time when the veil between our world and the ancestral realm is at its thinnest, making it the perfect occasion to honor our ancestors and receive their blessings.

The Unity of Sun and Moon:

During Aadi Amavasya, the Sun and Moon align in the Cancer sign, symbolizing the unity of paternal and maternal energies. This celestial alignment amplifies the effectiveness of ancestral rituals, making it an auspicious day to honor our ancestors.
Image of sun and moon in alignment in Cancer that amplifies benefits of blessing ancestors.
People giving offerings to the fire during a sacred fire ceremony at the Divine Mother Center broadcast live online

Burning Away Ancestral Karma:

Why should this matter to you? Our thoughts, fortunes, and even misfortunes are in many ways inherited from our ancestors. The challenges we face in life are often linked to our ancestral karma. By honoring our ancestors, we can change these patterns, leading to improvements in every aspect of our lives.

Online Aadi Amavasya Sacred Fire Ceremony

Today, the Divine Mother Center is bringing the tools of ancient fire ceremonies to the modern world. This year, the Center is hosting an online ‘Aadi Amavasya’ Sacred Fire Ceremony on August 15, 2023. This event provides a platform for you to clear ancestral karma, liberate the souls of your ancestors, and invite blessings for you and your family.
“Thank you so much, the full moon fire ceremony of today was beautiful. I was able to be online all the ceremony. I have been in havanas (fire ceremonies) in person before, and I was thinking maybe online is not going to be so powerful, but gladly I was wrong, really felt it. Many thanks ? Love and blessings!”
Happy women create a thriving world. Receive the divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi and manifest prosperity and abundance of all kinds in your life for a happy life.

Carolina Dominguez A. Joining Sacred Fire Ceremonies from Yucatan, Mexico

Honoring Ancestors with the Divine Mother Center:

Join us this Aadi Amavasya and experience the transformative power of ancestral healing. This simple act can change your destiny.