What Is Agni?

What Is Agni?

In the heart of the flame lies consciousness and divine energy—Agni. Through this elemental medium, we create with God’s energy, using our prayers and offerings to manifest blessings for ourselves, our families, and the entire world.

Vibrant flame in a sacred fire ceremony at the Divine Mother Center
Agni, the God of Fire, riding a ram, looking multiple directions at once

Messages through Flames: The Ancient Role of Agni

We are reminded of what the Ancients thought when we sit in front of the fire: that the fire itself had a divinity, an embodiment of its force. Agni is the name of that heavenly power, and according to the Dharma (divine duty) that was bestowed upon him. As the God of Fire he carries the messages— whatever we give to the fire, our prayers and wishes —to the destinations of divine agents of God. It doesn’t matter which Divine force we invoke to be with us—the Masters, the Divine Souls, Mother, Ganesh, Shiva—Agni offers our messages and energies that we put into the fire to all of them.

How Fire Puja Helps Us Receive Divine Gifts

With the fire, we offer up a prayer for anything we need to materialize in our lives. Since it uses frequencies and vibrations to produce higher frequencies, fire puja is regarded as the most potent ancient spiritual technology. With higher frequencies, we can manifest anything we set our minds to or receive everything the Divine wishes to bestow upon us. The ritual fire regenerates these frequencies all around us, and even though they might not even be aware of it, everyone who is chanting, observing the fire, or listening to the fire is getting the blessings. It functions on a soul level.
Mataji, Monika Penukonda, utilizing the fire-element, photo Divine Mother Center

The Potent Power of Agni

Masters also utilize the fire to communicate their blessings and thoughts, allowing them to see what is going on everywhere in this world as well as to look into the past and future. The Flames can assume any shape and tell any tale for us to comprehend.
“The Divine Mother Center’s Fire Ceremonies have helped our family with karma troubles, difficulties, and heartbreak. We were helped and cured mentally and physically by Fire Ceremonies, your prayers, and sincere devotion. You helped us a lot!”

Yumiko Nagoya Tokyo, Japan

Experience Agni in a Sacred Fire Ceremony From Home!

The Divine Mother Center practices and presents ancient sacred fire ceremonies, also called fire pujas, live online every New and Full Moon and at other auspicious occasions for a global community.