What Is Puja?

What Is Puja? Unlock Divine Power

by Monika ‘Mataji’ of Penukoda

“The Divine Mother Center’s Fire Ceremonies have helped our lives with karma troubles, difficulties, and heartbreak. We were helped and cured mentally and physically by Fire Ceremonies, your prayers, and sincere devotion. You helped us a lot!”
Yumiko Nagoya,

Fire puja with the 'fire element' reflected in the colors of the clouds at the Divine Mother Center

Puja. The New Yoga.

In the first wave of the consciousness movement in the ‘70s, yoga was introduced to the west. Now every city has yoga studios. In the ‘80s, meditation came to our shores. Now meditation is in schools and corporations. In the ‘90s, kirtan singing came to the west, now kirtan is its own genre of very popular music.
Through yoga, the body was prepared for meditation, through meditation the mind was purified, through kirtan, devotion was awakened.
The next wave is puja – Puja is the new yoga. Through puja we can receive divine power and manifest what we need as individuals and for the world.

What Is Puja?

Sacred fire ceremonies – fire pujas – are the most powerful form of worship to empower the soul and create what we need in our lives. Puja is a form of worship to connect us to the Divine using the elements of nature – earth, fire, water, air, and sky/ether. Ghee (clarified butter), rice, flowers, coconuts, incense, fragrant oils, seeds and fruits are offered to the fire with the recitation of mantras or prayers.
The sacredness of fire is universal to all spiritual traditions – a flame, a candle – is the living symbol of the Divine. A flame automatically touches the heart and connects us to the light from which we came and the light hidden in the heart of each human being. Fire is life and it often signifies love.
You can direct the fire puja to any form of the Divine that your heart is open to. We create a channel to the Divine using the fire element.
Fire Puja at the Divine Mother Center

Puja History?

Sacred fire ceremonies have been performed since the beginning of time. The ancient sages conducted them to maintain the welfare of the world. When the burden on the earth became too great due to negative vibrations and actions, they would perform a fire puja to purify the world’s atmosphere and generate positive healing vibrations. The vibrations generated during a fire puja purify the earth, the air, and surrounding area.
Kings had fire pujas performed to create peace, prosperity, success and protect their kingdoms from enemies. It was their ‘secret’ weapon.

The Healing Mechanism of Fire Pujas:

Heal the Atmosphere and the Healed Atmosphere will Heal You

Fire pujas can be done for any purpose and the vibrations can be sent over long distances. The fire purifies and the energy vibrations generated are automatically sent to the people and places. Some uses for fire pujas are to:
  • Create peace
  • Bring rain
  • Generate prosperity, both spiritual and material
  • Cure physical ailments and disease
  • Renew brain cells, revitalize the skin, purify blood and prevent growth of pathogenic organisms.
  • Create success in business
  • Bring victory in our endeavors
  • Purify the atmosphere
  • Bring powerful antiseptic and antibiotic effect toward pathogens
  • Change our negative thought patterns
  • Heal a broken heart
  • Create the highest protection circles against any kind of negativity
  • Burn negativity, negative tendencies, lethargy, dullness and despair
  • Create happiness, hope and inspiration
  • Create environments that are immune to nuclear disasters
Monika 'Mataji' of Penukonda and Nityanandaji leading a fire puja at the Divine Mother Center
Just as yoga once bridged the ancient and the modern, becoming a global phenomenon, puja is the new global wave. The Divine Mother Center has been leading sacred fire ceremonies – fire pujas – for a global community since 2004. We combine this ancient technology of fire pujas with modern technology so you can connect, experience the energy, and manifest what you need from anywhere in the world.

The Benefits of Doing Fire Pujas?

When you participate in a fire puja you receive these vibrations in your soul. The puja generates shakti, divine power. When the fire puja starts, have a clear intention of what you really want. You have to bring your thoughts exactly about what you really want from your heart. When you are present to a fire ceremony, when your heart is open, then the energy will start to flow in you. The energy your soul receives is equal to a thousand of the most powerful healers.
Try the ancient technology of a fire puja and see just how powerful it is when you do.
“Thank you so much, the full moon fire ceremony of today was beautiful. I was able to be online all the ceremony. I have been in havanas (fire ceremonies) in person before, and I was thinking maybe online is not going to be so powerful, but gladly I was wrong, really felt it. Many thanks 🙏 Love and blessings!”
Happy women create a thriving world. Receive the divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi and manifest prosperity and abundance of all kinds in your life for a happy life.

Carolina Dominguez A. Joining Sacred Fire Ceremonies from Yucatan, Mexico

Empower Your Modern Life with Puja

Join us for free fire pujas live online on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Experience the transformative power of puja from home  and, for a deeper connection, register for a personal shakti-energy transmission during the ceremony. From digital to spiritual, begin a profound journey with us.